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  1. d0nut_l0ver

    Kellogg's Tour :-/

    In June, my mom promised she'd buy tickets. But she waited and waited. I reminded her two weeks ago and she said, "Well, we need to see if that's a rehearsal day." I told her that it wasn't and she said okay, and that she'd order the tickets soon. Well, now it's in a few days and I never got...
  2. d0nut_l0ver

    Coach Leaving...What to do?

    I forgot until today that today is the last day my coach will be working at our gym! She got another job that she has to be at pretty much all of the time she would be at the gym, coaching. :( But she's not just any coach. She's been my coach the whole time I've been in pre-team at this gym: 3...
  3. d0nut_l0ver

    I Feel Torn.

    So, as some of you may know, I have been faced with an awfully hard decision: ballet or gymnastics. Everything was happy-go-lucky in 8th grade. I had ballet Tues. and Thurs., and gymnastics Wed. And it worked out perfectly! But, I am doing ballet for just ONE more year because I really want to...
  4. d0nut_l0ver

    Best practice ever!

    Warning: Caps lock may be abused in the following message. I apologize. xD Bars: I did everything really well. I can get up about halfway in my kip by myself, and I do it really well with a spot. I did my squat-ons better than usual--usually I am a little scared of tripping, but I realized, if...
  5. d0nut_l0ver

    Craziest Gymnastics Goals?

    MY {UN}OFFICIAL LIST OF SKILLS I WANT TO DO BUT NEVER WILL: {They get crazier as the list goes on!} Floor: Round-off back-handspring back-tuck Front handspring flyspring front tuck Any kind of twisting flip Vault: That thing where you do a round-off before the springboard and then a...
  6. d0nut_l0ver

    Flying Off the Bar During Level 5 Dismount!

    I did my Level 5 dismount for the first time ever 2 years ago at camp. I did it onto a mat and I landed it! :D So, last gymnastics class, when they told us we were going to begin practicing Level 5 dismounts over the pit, I was excited. They taught us how to do them, and then set up stations...
  7. d0nut_l0ver

    Back Hip Circle Problems

    So, for the summer, our gym combines the pre-team for 9 and under with the pre-team for 9 and up. This is an awful idea because the younger class is WAY less advanced. Most of them can't even do a backbend... But the one thing that all of those little girls have is a back hipcircle. I...
  8. d0nut_l0ver

    Sudden Obsession with Beam Chalk?!

    Before this summer, I NEVER used chalk on beam. Now I won't step on a beam without chalk on my feet. {I couldn't care less about chalk on my hands.} I think this is linked to my sudden fear of beam. Maybe chalk makes me feel better. Because...well, a few months ago, I was doing my cartwheel...
  9. d0nut_l0ver

    Mixed Feeling About the Olympics

    Most people say watching the Olympics inspires them. Me? It makes me depressed. But I still watch it anyways. It's just watching those girls, telling myself, "I wish I could do that." But then I am brought back to bitter reality, and I remind myself, "I don't even have a back hand-spring."...
  10. d0nut_l0ver

    Never Gonna Happen

    Ever since I started gymnastics, my goal was never Olympics. Too much pressure. No. The only thing I ever wanted to do was college gymnastics. I really wanted to do college gymnastics. There's a nearby college that I'm already looking into {I mean, I'm going into High School, I should start...
  11. d0nut_l0ver

    Back Extensions?

    1. Is there a back extension in the Level 4 compulsory routine? If so, do you have to go all the way up into a handstand or just into the pushup position? 2. When doing my back extension, my coaches say I begin to push into my handstand at the right time {I usually don't do straight-arm back...
  12. d0nut_l0ver

    Long Hand Pullovers?

    At my gym, we have 4 {or sometimes 5} stations when we go to bars: 1. Uneven bars, coaches spot anything we need to work on. 2. Uneven bars, we work mainly on these skills: Pullover, back hip circle, squat on, jump to high, tap swings. 3. High bar, we work on tap swings usually, or we have...
  13. d0nut_l0ver

    Absolutely Refusing Beam?!

    I've had awful fears before, but never as bad as this one. It started on Wednesday at normal gymnastics. I refused to do cartwheels on the high beam--even though I have been doing them for a year now--and I refused to do my handstand on any beam. This strange fear slowly got worse. Thursday...
  14. d0nut_l0ver

    A Little Thing I Made Up for Myself

    "You only live once, and you'll never know until you try. So go for it, because everything happens for a reason." I just made that up today, and it contains some of my favorite quotes. :D Just thought I'd share with you guys. Gave me a confidence booster on some skills! :D
  15. d0nut_l0ver

    I Realize Now

    I realize now the reason I am not as good as others who have been doing gymnastics for the same amount of time as me. I hear of all kinds of people who started at 9, like me, and by 14 they were at least a Level 7. I started at 9 and I'm a Level 4. But at camp today...I realized. Those 7, 8...
  16. d0nut_l0ver

    Vaulted fhs!!!

    Today at camp, my favorite coach was spotting me on FHS vault and then one of the times he looked like he was going to spot me but he pulled away right when I got to the vault and I vaulted!!! BY MYSELF!!! :D I mean I've done handstand-flatbacks by myself all the time but those aren't over a...
  17. d0nut_l0ver

    Cried 7 Times at Camp Today.

    Camp is supposed to be fun, right? Well, I cry easily. I cry every time I go to my camp, but was HORRIBLE. 1. First we had conditioning. That was fine. I didn't WANT to do it, but I did without a problem. :) 2. Next, Dance. Nothing I couldn't handle. The dance is fun, though it's...
  18. d0nut_l0ver

    I Feel So Silly!

    When I first got my squat-on on bars, I had been having fear issues. Then they brought over the team coach, who can be pretty intimidating, so finally I did it by myself...and I did fine! Then, we had a week break and when we came back, I was scared again. But I got over the fear and got my...
  19. d0nut_l0ver

    Skill Levels

    I was just wondering what levels these skills are required for: Cartwheel on beam Handstand on beam Full turn on beam Squat-on on bars Long-hand pullover Long-hand kip Front tuck on floor Back tuck on floor Half-on on vault Thanks! :D
  20. d0nut_l0ver

    Serious Backhandspring Troubles!

    I had my backhandspring last summer because I was the only one who signed up for the summer class. So, I basically got private lessons. But now, I can't get it. We do backhandsprings every day, but I can't do them! I'm not scared. But every time, everything goes wrong. My legs split wide open...