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  1. Granny Smith

    WAG trials meet up Friday 8th July - parade tickets giveaway

    Ok, first time I have been on CB in ages, literally like 6,7 maybe 8 months. Am going to try and make the meet up at 3:30 - count me for 2!
  2. Granny Smith

    WAG Level 10 social group?

    I sent the group invite, sorry for the delay - lots going on on my end, all good though. :)
  3. Granny Smith

    WAG Div I NCAA Walk-On Offer Info

    In my dd's case it was just academic to see if she met the requirements to get into the school (GPA & SAT scores).
  4. Granny Smith

    So who is going???

    Ok bog... here we are a little more than 2 weeks out. Where shall we do a meet & greet at? Also I think we need an official role call of who is going and will be able to do a meet up (it doesn't have to be a formal, long drawn out meet up, it can be drinks somewhere - of course I have no idea...
  5. Granny Smith

    WAG Div I NCAA Walk-On Offer Info

    In my dd's case it was to ensure that she could get into the school. The coach told us he had no influence with the athlete's getting into the school and that all athlete's, with the exception of 6 football players and 2 basketball players, had to go through the same process. I'm sure it could...
  6. Granny Smith

    WAG Div I NCAA Walk-On Offer Info

    Verbal means nothing until the NLI is signed in their senior year. Once that is signed, it is a contract and now both parties are binded by that contract. I don't think that it looks good for a school to go back on an offer but I think you will see schools doing that and also girls changing...
  7. Granny Smith

    WAG Div I NCAA Walk-On Offer Info

    Many schools also have merit based incoming freshman scholarships, basically you qualify for them based on GPA and SAT/ACT scores. You don't apply for the scholarships, they are just awarded by the schools when you apply. If you qualify for a merit scholarship, you will receive that over an...
  8. Granny Smith

    WAG Div I NCAA Walk-On Offer Info

    Walk ons at my dd's school are treated just the same as scholarship kids, but they do not receive money. They get the same tutoring assistance, they get the priority when it comes to registering for classes and other academic support as well. They get all of the same gear too. Being a walk on...
  9. Granny Smith

    WAG Div I NCAA Walk-On Offer Info

    When my dd was visiting schools and we would ask if there were any majors that conflicted with her sport, almost every school answered athletic training, which of course was one of the things that my dd was mainly interested in. Some schools would work with you with the major and others schools...
  10. Granny Smith

    So who is going???

    A little late to the game but I'll be there, with bogwoppit no less! Party on I say...
  11. Granny Smith

    For Parents does gymnastics delay puberty?

    I just want to add that I think parents who have small children and are into sports and such tend to seek out a sport that would meet the attributes that their child possesses, like small kids tend to do gymnastics, not basketball or volleyball. Kids who tend to be small quite possibly have...
  12. Granny Smith

    For Parents Video: What do you use?

    I use a Kodak Playsport HD camera. It is tiny, fits into my back pocket. they do seem to be a lot more expensive now, but when I bought my, easily 5 yrs ago, it was under $100. I think for those who use a camera with an SD card is that you use the proper SD card. You want to focus on the...
  13. Granny Smith

    WAG Chicago Style meet 2016

    I was curious as well, thank you!
  14. Granny Smith

    For Parents Does anyone else's child wear contacts?

    My dd started wearing contacts when she was 8. At first she could get them out, but had trouble putting them in. So I would have her try to get them in and after like 5 minutes of trying, I'd put them in for her (little freaky for me as I don't have any eye problems and that was my 1st...
  15. Granny Smith

    WAG Iowa...

    Thinking of all of you, I was in the same place last year (nerves and all). Enjoy the moment, remember this is the icing on the cake!!!
  16. Granny Smith

    For Parents Can a young-for-grade gymnast take an extra year before college?

    My dd graduated HS at the age of 17 and didn't turn 18 until she was already a Freshman in college. While I get the gap year and red-shirting, as OP called it for sports like football, basketball, wrestling, etc. These sports want bigger and stronger so that these young kids coming in are able...
  17. Granny Smith

    For Parents The Path of a Gymnast?

    Many colleges that do not have gymnastics as a varsity sport have it at club level, in addition many that do have gymnastics as a varsity sport also have it club level. Several have mentioned track and field and diving, but another sport is rowing/crew. It takes a lot of upper body strength...
  18. Granny Smith

    WAG the difference between level 10 and elite

    I was just going to add that elite is judged differently as well, more harsh. In JO, a fall is .5, but in elite it is a full tenth, I believe. So while a routine would score well in JO does not necessarily mean it would score well in elite. I do not know all the deductions, but they are much...
  19. Granny Smith

    WAG Do we take out the screw or leave it in

    My dd had a Jones' fracture back when she was in 8th grade, you didn't say Jones, so I am assuming you were more fortunate with a pseudo-Jones. Dr. had it heal naturally, which literally took 4 months. Dr. strongly suggested not getting surgery or a screw put in. She said for basketball...
  20. Granny Smith

    WAG What is a lightning bolt on bars?

    We call it hecht to high bar.