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    WAG front walkover help (back flexibility inbalance?)

    I have been trying to work on improving some of my skills & focusing more on technique. As I was watching videos of myself doing things like front walkovers and kick-overs, I've noticed that when I kick up with my good leg (right) and land on the ground with only my bad leg (left), my left leg...
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    WAG any info/feedback about UNH gymnastics camp?

    I am a self taught gymnast hoping to take classes this spring. I posted earlier about starting late at 16/17-(I think I listed all of my skills). I was thinking about trying a camp this summer that wasn't too far from home so I could continue enjoying gymnastics. I do not plan to do it in...
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    WAG starting gymnastics at 16/17

    I have wanted to do gymnastics ever since I was 13/14, but due to other sports and being in high school, I haven't been able to find time to go to a gym. I started teaching myself some skills at home. I really like doing handstands - I worked up to holding them for a couple minutes without wall...