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    I’ve been working on a Roundoff Tuck since January for tryouts around the middle of May and I have not been able to get it, and now I need it within a week. I know everything i’m supposed to do, (pick my chest up fast in the roundoff & block my body at an angle so my feet behind me, rebound...
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    WAG Mental Block Help

    So, I've had a solid, and powerful roundoff handspring for 2 years. I have lots of speed and power in my tumbling, and know how to control it. I started to work on my roundoff backhand-spring back tuck in January and haven't been able to do it, and now I only have two weeks until tryouts and I...
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    WAG Roundoff handspring tuck

    Thanks so much! Do you want me to send a vid?
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    WAG Roundoff handspring tuck

    So, ive been working on my roundoff handspring tuck, and whenever I go for the tuck after the handspring, I just end up doing a really high back handspring. I do drills 4 days a week at my gym and I have it on a trampoline. Any tips?
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    WAG Back Tuck help

    hi so, i’m having issues with my standing tuck and roundoff handspring tuck. i have very high rebounds on air-track & the spring floor mat for a standing handspring and roundoff handspring tuck, and i can do both on a tumble track. for my standing tuck, i notice i keep entering a sitting...