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    knee surgery

    Tumbling, she just landed to hard on it to many times the final landing was at the Arnold Classic while she was competing on FX she landed and it just buckled right out from under her. This was not the first time it buckled. She finished her routine iced and them vaulted on it earning a 2nd...
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    For Parents DD Quit - I Need to Vent

    I feel your pain It sounds like our DD's could have the same poor excuse for a head coach. Ours is also the owner and has been for nearly 3 short years. He has what I call the Bella syndrom. I wish I had a viable option for my DD to change gyms. An inmature/insecure coach can really suck the...
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    knee surgery

    My dd needs to have the OATS procedure on her knee, has anyone ever had that surgery or is familiar with it who can clue me in on just what to expect? Thanks
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    choeography cost and who

    Thanks for sharing. Our coach wants to fly in someone "famous" for a weekend, put them up in a hotel, for only four girls who need routines at a cost of 1,200 per a routine. He thinks he can require the rest of the team, about 25 to attend a workshop for $50 each to help cover the cost. This...
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    For Parents DD Just Got Sctratched from STATE!

    Sorry to hear the news. I know how hard it can be. My daughter was recently scrathed from her states for a knee injury and last year for an elbow injury. Believe it or not it will make her a stronger person and when she is healthy she may come back with a great deal of ghusto. I also agree that...
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    Osgood schlatters - help!!!

    My daughter also suffered through this pain. Unfortunatly for her it has been replaced with other overuse pains now that she is in her teens. Good Luck, if your gymnast really loves the sport she will stick it out.
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    choeography cost and who

    :confused:How much do most floor routines cost for level 10 and is it really worth flying in someone with a big name or can local dancers do the same or better job cheaper? Just wanted to know what others are doing.
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    Gymnastics And Giftedness

    Both of my daughters are gifted the eldest is a gymnast her perfectionistic traits and need to be challenged are well matched for gymnastics however her coach told me that gifted gymnast are the most difficult to coach. My younger daughter is a dancer which is also a good fit. They both have...
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    For Parents Coach tantrum

    Thanks Thanks for all the comments. Our coach is going through some tough personal times and I understand that but I also agree that it is their job to maintain dignity and authority in the gym and storming out does make them look foolish but even more so it causes a break done in respect. As...
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    My daughter is not an elite but is inspiring to be if she can remain healthy long enough from injury. She is in 9th grade and her coach really wanted her to homeschool. She didn't want to and the other girls that are homeschooled at the gym are younger. Her High School allows her to come in late...
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    What do you do??

    My daughter works out M-F 6-8 am and 2:30-6pm and sat. 8-12 during the school year and 8-3:30 M-F over the summer. I don't know how she could fit more in at home. She does follow a workout schedule during family vacations. When she was younger she flipped where ever she could find the space but...
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    Yes my daughter has been told to lose weight even thought she is a tiny 14yr. old, 5'1" and wears a 00 or 14 slim. Her coach stresses eating right which she does. He says it is best to stay under 100lbs. to help reduce injury, of which she has suffered many. She is all muscle, I really don't...
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    leotard problemm

    Be careful with the hairspray, it can damage hologram fabric. So can deoderant, and spray glitter. Crystal deoderant seems safe so far.
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    everyone's done it

    How about falling and straddling the beam which resulted in a broken tail bone and ripped @#%^&$#%@ Most unpleasant!
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    For Coaches start value?

    What is the start value on vault for a piked Yurchenko at level 9?
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    For Coaches equipment safety

    Could someone tell me the safety regulations for uneven bars? Such as the proper distance from the wall, types of mats and how far from the bars on all four sides, and safe distance from bars for other equipment or items such as benchs. Is this regulated by USA gymnastics? Thanks:confused:
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    For Parents Coach tantrum

    Has anyone ever had the head coach walk out of a practice in anger at the girls, without an explanation? How did you handle it if so? Also can I have some points of view on coaches kicking girls out of practice because they are struggling with a skill. I'm not sure how much of this is common...
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    I am a mom of two girls. My oldest is 14 and has been involved in gymnastics since she was in mommy and me classes. I never dreamed I would still be involved today, 12.5 years later. She is repeating level nine because she has been struggling with injuries. It seems she gets one rehabilated and...