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    WAG Maggie Haney suspended

    Since I can't reply to @JBS 's PM, which I presume was sent to all members: JBS, it is extremely inappropriate to send a PM about abuse to all members. Especially in the gymnastics community, there are many people who are survivors of abuse. If I click on the main forum, I can choose to avoid...
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Gymnastics Club Reopening Steps / Process

    THE single most important thing to understand about coaches who sexually abuse athletes is that abusers groom the community around them, especially other adults, so that no one has concerns about the abuser. One of the greatest risk factors for an athlete being abused is parents who trust their...
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    WAG Will new seniors be eligible for 2021 olympics?

    Every sport sets their own age limits. Some sports have no age requirement including swimming; I believe an 11 year old and a 12 year old qualified for Tokyo in skateboarding. Divers must turn 14 in the year of the Games; boxing 18 but not older than 40; gymnastics and track&field must turn 16...
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    WAG Break and older L9/10's?

    Based on my own injury history, I wouldn't allow a L9/10 who hasn't been doing conditioning during an extended break to return to the gym: that's not just a recipe for a disappointing season; that's a recipe for injury, and once injury due to lack of strength/conditioning starts, it compounds as...
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    i regret quitting so much :(

    Look into NAIGC (National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs) programs. NAIGC is very supportive of "come as you are and do what you can" and is an excellent program for people who love gymnastics. There's a wide range of abilities, body types, and form in NAIGC. There's a...
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    For Parents Help me to understand this vault score

    There are two parts to vault judging: the "start value" of the vault, which is how much it would be worth if executed perfectly without any deductions, and the execution score, which includes the deductions. It sounds like your daughter executed a vault with a 10.0 start value (there's only one...
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    For Parents Just a small rant about jealous parents

    My mother tracked scores and "highlight" elements for both our team and top competitors from other teams. Now that I'm an adult and understand the emotions of watching one's child compete, I think note-taking was how she controlled her nerves. I didn't understand and it seemed obsessive at the...
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    WAG Stress Fracture Sesamoid Bone

    There are two ways to heal a fractured sesamoid bone: rest for a significant period of time, or surgery followed by rest for a significant period of time. Risks for continuing to engage in gymnastics on a fractured sesamoid bone include lifelong chronic pain, potentially leading to the need to...
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    For Parents On level routines or tougher routines

    Determining what the "best strategy" is - for any endeavor - involving understanding the goals and balancing them. There's no one strategy for L9 because different gymnasts have different goals. One young L9 who is aiming elite might chose one strategy (throw hardest skills, who cares about...
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    WAG Wrist pain?

    Huge red flag. Check to ensure that the coach understood that the doctor ordered wrist rest; if you clearly communicated that to the coach and the coach taped the wrist and had her working against doctor's orders, talk to the owner/head coach. Depending on their responses, if it's not adequately...
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    For Parents Advice Needed :)

    We're on page three and nearly every response has suggested moving to another gym, with most of those suggesting that the current gym has given up on your daughter. Your description of the first pre-pre-team practice and their willingness to let your daughter hang out with a rec class reinforces...
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    WAG Beam questions

    I hear this from coaches all the time and it drives me nuts: it's not only completely illogical, but it sets an athlete up for an unnecessarily low score when they inevitably make a mistake because mistakes happen to everyone. A few years ago, a top coach cost a figure skater an Olympic medal...
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    For Parents Groups?

    Very common, especially grouping kids by vault height and bar settings. I'm not sure why adults found that "laughable" instead of plausible. Training groups dividing into subgroups can be about "skill," but "skill" isn't a singular concept. There are times when one group is ready for a...
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    WAG Unitard for competition

    I am not sure which leo companies have these - I hope they do! If your gym's leo provider can't accommodate, it will be easy for a figure skating costume maker (or any costume maker who works with stretch fabrics) to add legs to a leo to create a unitard in a way that will be comfortable and...
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    For Parents Level 5 Questions

    Simone didn't do a full turn at the Olympics: she did a 5/2 wolf turn (and now does the triple). In the event final, she slipped on the punch front and put her hands down to avoid a fall. 2016 Rio Beam Final: Simone was first.
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    WAG USAG clarifies Safesport guidelines

    That is an existing policy in the Center for SafeSport Code. It doesn't matter if the athlete believes they are "dating" the coach: it's a clear violation. Please report it if you see it happening.
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    WAG thoughts on American athletes competing for other countries in international competitions?

    Many children born in the U.S. to immigrants have strong ties to their parents' country of origin. I have multiple friends born in the U.S. who speak their parents' language as their first language; grew up in the culture of their parents' country of birth; have strong ties to their relatives in...
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    WAG Should we just believe accusations

    The single most powerful thing that anyone has said or done to help me heal from years of sexual abuse is, "I believe you." It has been particularly powerful from people who haven't heard the details. One common tactic used by abusers is gaslighting; over time, they cause you to doubt your own...
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    WAG USAG files for chapter 11 bankruptcy

    No, the NGBs are required to have insurance that covers sexual misconduct (as are individual coaches, although that may depend on the NGB; I'm not sure). The issue with USAG's carriers is not whether USAG's insurance covers sexual misconduct (it does), but whether USAG was negligent in ways that...
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    WAG Competing injured?

    I spent years in an abusive coaching situations for similar reasons: I wanted to prove to him and to myself that I wasn't a coward. It took me years to realize: it takes more courage to walk away than it does to walk into that gym again. Competing on an injury to prove a manipulative coach...