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  1. rosiekat

    For Parents My son just started gymnastics

    My female cousin was a figure skater (now a coach) who married a male figure skater. He was semi-retired at the time, but would still be a partner from time to time when girls needed to find one for competitions, etc. When he got crap about it from the hockey players, he was like "You guys are...
  2. rosiekat

    Simone has a kidney stone!!

    I had a kidney stone once. Making it from my bed to the bathroom was bad enough. Although I will say that there were times when it was on its journey that it didn't hurt at all - so for her sake, I'm hoping that's where she is!
  3. rosiekat

    MAG Mushroom Moves

    Glad to know there are other equally inept mushroom parents out there. (That didn't come out right, did it? LOL) Yep, circles and flares. That's all there are. And on the horse, it's loops and flares and Magyars and handstands. That's it. I have decreed it.
  4. rosiekat

    For Parents why are some kids so rude

    Any chance the girls who moved up just feel kind of awkward that they moved and your DD didn't? I had that kind of thing happen a couple of times when I was younger - where I moved up and someone else didn't - and my social skills weren't the best so I ended up pretending the other kid didn't...
  5. rosiekat

    MAG What does this mean?

    Just thought I'd come give y'all an update since we just got back... I still don't know what it meant, lol. What the kids wore were mostly closer fitting tshirts and compression shirts. A few went shirtless. With very few exceptions, the shirts were plain or from their gym, so I guess our...
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    For Parents Video for core/flexibility training?

    My son (9, almost 10 y.o., training L7 in case it matters) and I (40 something and a weenie) have agreed to work with each other on core strength and flexibility - him because it's his gymnastics weak areas, and me because I'm old. :) I used to have some good DVDs (yeah, I already said I was...
  7. rosiekat

    For Parents Hot gym

    I don't think it's a deal breaker unless they are having them at maximum activity level for prolonged periods. Our boys still run outside (here in Texas) except for the one day we were at 112 in the local area. They definitely need to plan for increased water (and perhaps consequently...
  8. rosiekat

    MAG What does this mean?

    It's for a regional camp. I'm oddly happy to see that no one here was clear on what it means! I'll try for clarification from them, but if not, I'll probably just send him in the tightest shirts he has, lol. They did specify no basketball shorts, etc. but their description there was pretty clear.
  9. rosiekat

    MAG What does this mean?

    Just trying to understand exactly what the terminology means here: "Only gymnastics event specific shirts or competitive tops will be allowed during training." I'm gathering none of my son's usual baggy tshirts, lol, but would a compression shirt be allowed? He only has one competition step-in...
  10. rosiekat

    MAG Future Stars Info?

    Thanks for the info. I was hoping it was still September 1, lol. So it goes! Sounds like the document posted on USAG is way out of date. Is there anything else I can look at that y'all know about? (routines, etc.)
  11. rosiekat

    MAG Future Stars Info?

    Thanks. Is that effective for this year? And is that your age on Dec 31 2018 or 2017? (I know what I'd assume, but as long as I'm asking questions...)
  12. rosiekat

    MAG Future Stars Info?

    I was trying to find some better info on the Future Stars program, and found this link on the USAG site. It appears that it has not been updated since 2011, though. Does anyone know if there is a more recent update? (I would assume there...
  13. rosiekat

    MAG Shoulder bone bruise long recovery time... help!

    With a bone bruise, I thought further activity was OK. It might hurt, but wasn't damaging in and of itself. Obviously, you have to be careful not to compensate for the pain and cause other strains or injuries. I guess one question I'd want to ask is if they are certain it's a bone bruise, and if...
  14. rosiekat

    WAG Gym Hopping

    I think it really depends on how and why someone leaves. I've seen some people who fuss about the slightest thing and move their kids frequently. I've seen people leave a gym because of a particular coach but return when that coach has left. There's a difference to me. There's a difference...
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    MAG Regional Weekend #1

    We're Friday midday. First level/year he's eligible for Regionals (R3), so he's excited. The bonus is that this is the last meet of the season no matter what (L6) so he's actually not particularly nervous. One bummer is that a teammate who qualified hurt his ankle at practice on Tuesday, so we...
  16. rosiekat

    MAG Thoughts on Divisions 1/2

    Now that we're at the tail end of the season, I am going to reference my previous post about wishing some of our guys had done D2. I think they'd be feeling a lot better about themselves and gymnastics if they had. (Yes, insert all the thoughts about hindsight, armchair coaching, etc. :cool:)...
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    For Parents Age verification/birth certificate to compete?

    Haven't been asked for gym/USAG. We have been required to provide it for recreational soccer and for competitive swim/USAS. We have not needed it for any other of the myriad sports one or the other of my kids has been involved in!
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    For Parents Swimming before a meet

    We are told no before the meet, and have at it all you want after.
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    MAG Rules on hair

    And of course, then there's Yul, in a class by himself! :D
  20. rosiekat

    MAG Rules you would change?

    My comment was based only on my admittedly limited experience. I think we have some who skipped 7 and we definitely had a crop of JDs last year. Anyone with just about any experience in this world knows more than I do, so take my words with a large grain of salt!