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    knee surgery

    My dd needs to have the OATS procedure on her knee, has anyone ever had that surgery or is familiar with it who can clue me in on just what to expect? Thanks
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    choeography cost and who

    :confused:How much do most floor routines cost for level 10 and is it really worth flying in someone with a big name or can local dancers do the same or better job cheaper? Just wanted to know what others are doing.
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    For Coaches start value?

    What is the start value on vault for a piked Yurchenko at level 9?
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    For Coaches equipment safety

    Could someone tell me the safety regulations for uneven bars? Such as the proper distance from the wall, types of mats and how far from the bars on all four sides, and safe distance from bars for other equipment or items such as benchs. Is this regulated by USA gymnastics? Thanks:confused:
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    For Parents Coach tantrum

    Has anyone ever had the head coach walk out of a practice in anger at the girls, without an explanation? How did you handle it if so? Also can I have some points of view on coaches kicking girls out of practice because they are struggling with a skill. I'm not sure how much of this is common...
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    I am a mom of two girls. My oldest is 14 and has been involved in gymnastics since she was in mommy and me classes. I never dreamed I would still be involved today, 12.5 years later. She is repeating level nine because she has been struggling with injuries. It seems she gets one rehabilated and...