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    For Parents Level 2

    We did not skip 3. I felt it got them familiar with competing, but from a building skills standpoint the same progress could have been made in classes only. Level 2 to 4 would be quite a jump. 3 to 4 is even a big adjustment.
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    For Parents Moving up levels

    If the response was to “go back to your old club” then yes, you most likely are being punished for that. Is it right, no. Does it happen, absolutely. For that reason, and maybe others, that bridge seems burned and I wouldn’t keep sending my kid there if, as the parent, I couldn’t have a...
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    WAG New USAG routines

    Does anyone know when the updated USAG app will be released?
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    For Parents Team assignments for upcoming season?

    That’s a great idea. She’s been doing some practicing and strength conditioning but maybe we could be doing more/better. I’m going to do this tomorrow.
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    For Parents Team assignments for upcoming season?

    Hello! I’ve been lurking and learning for some time, but this is my first post :) My daughter is 6 and this year has been in an invite only elite class for her age level. She’s had a good year, got her standing backhandspring (though it still needs work), and has been very motivated to work...