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    For Parents Recently Retired Gymnast Essay "Who Am I?"

    You may rem me as the mom in mourning. A lot of you seemed to read my thread about my daughter retiring but I couldn't. My daughter, despite my best efforts to control and mold her into exactly what I envisioned, wrote this beautiful essay called "Who Am I?" I was moved to tears when I read it...
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    For Parents Thank you, deleting post, but not for a bad reason

    Just wanted to tell you I'm deleting my post about my daughter retiring. It's nothing against anyone and I have appreciated the advice. I just don't want to take the chance of anyone recognizing me. The gymnastics world is small, after all.
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    For Parents Daughter retired. Mom can't.

    I will admit up front that I realize that I am "that mom" that you never thought you would be. I feel horrible about it. Please, I'd like supportive advice, not bashing. My daughter graduated high school last year as a L10. She was known as the comeback kid. She suffered through more than...
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    For Parents Can dd go back to gymnastics or is it too late.

    I have a ridiculous mom question. I know 100% it won't happen. But, still want to ask. Feeney at Brockport still contacts my daughter rather frequently. I'm very surprised, since she told him she was retired. I thought he'd just fade away. Now, this won't happen, but I am wondering... My...
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    For Parents L10 Senior losing interest in college

    Please don't jump on me I admit that I am definitely wishing my daughter would do college gymnastics I can't imagine her not doing it She is a level 10 senior I do make it clear to her that the decision is ultimately hers and I will be absolutely ok with whatever it is. She was on the top...
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    For Parents Professional recruitment videos?

    My daughter is an upcoming senior and a level 10 gymnast. We are looking at D3 schools We are in the process of putting together a recruitment video . I know there are thousands and thousands of gymnast recruitment videos on YouTube. We can probably figure out how to do those too But there's...