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    USAG State/Regional Mask Requirements

    Etsy has clip on face shields that clip on to your glasses for $9. Worth looking into for her.
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    WAG Geddert charged with human trafficking

    Abusers are very good manipulators. If everyone experienced the abuse, the abuser wouldn't still be in power. It makes the abused feel crazy, and like they can't say anything, or that they're weak if they do, etc. Yes parents should have some responsibility, but things like not being able to...
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    Coaches and masks

    I'm not aware of any gym in our area that is requiring masks to be worn. There is no state mandate, and little to no social distancing in practices, viewing areas, etc. Meets from what I gather have all followed covid guidelines, but training doesn't seem to. My daughter wears a mask during...
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    For Parents Moving forward with tumbling block on beam

    In my experience with my own gymnast, mental blocks don't just resolve after getting skills back once, or even twice. We did work with a mental coach who made a world of difference (not Doc Ali), and her strategies continue to help my daughter. I feel like we have finally turned a corner with...
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    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    This is actually the same for the schools that have opened here, it's mind boggling to me. We are not in an area that has few cases, so not having those things in place was a surprise to me. I actualy don't know for certain that they don't check temps, but I know that masks aren't required, and...
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    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    The district we are in is starting virtual next week. The county closest to us has gone back to in person, and that's gone about how you'd expect. My issue overall, is that of course we all WANT to get back to normal, no one likes the mess that we are in. I don't like that I haven't been in a...
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    For Parents Are you happy with the USAG response to Covid?

    I am a little torn on this subject. Our gym has sent us all our links to pay our membership for the upcoming season and we did. USAG has apparently communicated that they intend for there to be a season, so that's what the gym is moving forward with. I think we are too far out from the season to...
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    For Parents Can we talk about IG Brand Ambassadors?

    I don't doubt that. I certainly don't think that these parents dont care about their kids, I think it's more about what is portrayed, thay gymnastics is the most important. That's all. I think it's very easy as a parent to get caught up in our child's sport, and by putting them out there on...
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    For Parents Can we talk about IG Brand Ambassadors?

    I pretty much feel this same way. I think part of what bothers me about it is that the source of pride for the parent's running these accounts comes from their gymnastics. That's the driving force behind these accounts. Often when a child quits or is contemplating leaving the sport, the accounts...
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    Controversial view on gymnastics in a pandemic

    I would really love for there not to be a full on season this upcoming year. I do think there are ways that we can perhaps look into allowing upper level high-schoolers (maybe not even all upper level, but it would have the most impact for them, for sure) to be able to compete on a smaller...
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    For Parents Can we talk about IG Brand Ambassadors?

    Little Stars I believe!
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    WAG College Gymnastics

    I think many football programs are hopeful (and they're possibly the loudest) but there are no plans. This is my husbands area of work, things don't look any better for football than they do other sports, really.
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    Who is still paying their gym fees?

    We are. We have 3 hrs of Zoom training/week...and I do wish that it was more. The gym is not requiring payment, but did ask for donations to be able to continue paying staff. We paid full tuition for March, training ended prior to halfway through the month, we paid full April, and same for May...
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    If your gym opened Monday would you send your child?

    Nope. Although gyms seem to have plans here for opening in the next couple weeks, we are not ready. I don't think the data supports reopening, not enough of a decline in new cases, or for any solid amount of time yet. We (my family) will continue to do our due diligence, and send our gymnast...
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    WAG level six tumbling options?

    DD did a RO WHIP BHS BT in 6. She may have done a layout at a meet or two, I honestly don't remember! The whip was a fun addition though and we never saw others doing it.
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    For Parents Best strong hold hair products!

    We like to use the Garnier spray gel in a clear green bottle to use during styling, because it wets the hair, but stays flexible for a little bit while you're styling. Then I finish with the Got2B Glued hairspray in the yellow bottle. The spray gel we use doesn't look flaky, which I love. We've...
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    For Parents Would you get a hotel?

    DD is not a morning person and we pretty much have the exact scenario this weekend for State. We are getting a hotel. Yes, it's an extra expense, but she won't sleep in the car, and I'd rather her not be up at 5 am when I know she won't be in bed early enough for that wake up time. Sleeping in a...
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    WAG how old is the youngest female L10 gymnast?

    I am aware of a 10 year old (turns 11 this year), that has competed at least one L10 meet.
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    WAG Lowest score?

    DD's first year competing at age 5, she scored a 5.75 on the L2 vault. 1st attempt she ran and I dont' know what happened, but she did some sort of roll instead of a flatback, 2nd attempt the coach put the airboard in instead of a springboard, thinking it would help her get over easier...she'd...
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    For Parents National Camp

    Given everything going on with USAG, there could definitely be some changes in this regard. Previously, the girls had to stay on-site (at least for DIC, not 100% sure about TOPs but I think it was the case there as well), and no parents were with them. They had people that would oversee a group...