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  1. Ltlewonder

    Balance Beam question Level 4

    :beam:I had a question about balance beam. My 7 year old L4 is doing an awesome job getting ready for competition to start here in NC, and she's having a great time. Ultimately, that is what is important to me. However, In the Level 4 beam routine, there is a handstand that she is struggling...
  2. Ltlewonder

    For Parents Where is everyone?

    I was just browsing through some of the introductions and was interested to know if anyone else is in or near NC? :)
  3. Ltlewonder


    Hi, My name is Leslie! I live in Thomasville, NC and am the very proud mother of 3 beautiful children and 1 granddaughter! My youngest just turned 6 in April and has been dancing (ballet, tap, acro, cheer & production team) since she was 3. This last season we did competitive dance which we...