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    WAG Shorts During Competition

    They do have options and now they have more. I don't see what's wrong with that. My point is that being comfortable with your body includes your height, weight, hair, IQ, eye and skin color, everything that makes you special and unique. When you can be comfortable with who and what you are...
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    WAG Shorts During Competition

    'Sure. Let’s ‘empower’ our girls by encouraging them to feel more comfortable in less clothing than they actually want to wear.' The fly in the ointment here is the word 'want'. If they don't 'want' to wear something then I would probably say they shouldn't. However, I'd probably want to...
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    WAG Shorts During Competition

    Wow, someone is doing a whiz bang job making these kids feel comfortable in their own bodies............ Any chance that might be a better solution?
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    For Coaches FUN game to practice a front limber??

    Haven't taught one of those 'back breakers' in years! lol Used to be in the compulsories and I brought it up numerous times as to the risk vs. reward of them, but fell on deaf ears for a very long time. Just be sure you have good upper back and shoulder flexibility. :)
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    WAG Geinger

    Absolutely. You need to have some good drills and stations, but a spot isn't necessary. I prefer a combination of all three, but the reality of the situation is that with some of the older girls it is physically difficult to spot them 100% like you can with the vertically challenged ones. I...
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    WAG German gymnasts' outfits take on sexualisation in sport

    Omg...... So abuse comes from the clothes they wear/don't wear?? Sure, makes sense to me. At the next meeting I'll propose that all athletes be required to wear burkas. That should solve all problems as these problems don't happen in Islamic countries. Lets make sure they also wear them for...
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    WAG Geddert charged with human trafficking

    For the millionth time, if you don't like it leave. I don't want that to come across mean or snarky, just real. I've heard and read hundreds of stories like these and just wonder why do kids and parents keep coming back?? When I say 'leave' I mean the gym, but if that doesn't work leave the...
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    So now that the vax is a reality who will be getting.......

    If you want it you should get it and if not then you shouldn't, that's the America I knew. However, it seems that as the scare tactics are losing some of their effectiveness stronger measures are being implemented and considered. We now have the the 'no jab, no job' policy, travel restrictions...
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    WAG What big or major meets have already been postponed or canceled?

    It's a gamble for sure, but unless they specify (and not all do) that they will give a prompt and full refund for any Corona related absences then it's an absolute 'no way.' We got suckered once and that was one time too many, but I do understand and appreciate what you are saying.
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    For Parents Moving skills from strap bar to real bar?

    Straps are invaluable when used properly. Going from pipe to wood can be a huge ask of the kids, so I use an intermediate step that I have had tremendous results with. Once they can go around with the straps competently, I have them take one strap off and use a PALM GUARD.(please understand a...
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    WAG What big or major meets have already been postponed or canceled?

    Some people view me as pessimistic, I feel I'm pragmatic. In that light, I've entered no meets whatsoever or registered my kids with USAG yet. I feel we haven't seen 'Jack' yet and I hope I'm wrong, but I've got to go with my gut on this. I have arraigned a local non sanctioned meet with half a...
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    For Parents Why are you still in gymnastics?

    Please don't flame me as this is not a troll thread, I'm genuinely interested. Over the years I've noticed a huge amount of threads here pertain to all the short comings of every aspect of gymnastics. The physical, mental, emotional abuse, horrible coaches, mean people, the sanctioning bodies...
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    WAG Kim Zmeskal-Burdette gets called out ( #gymnastalliance )

    ' I read long ago about the trash cans around the gym for girls to throw up in due to the conditioning.' Yes, but that was a VERY long time ago. I would like to think that is no longer the case. They would condition in the back corner of the gym, it was hot and intense and sometimes that would...
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    For Parents Would you report emotional abuse -- has anything really changed?

    ' Some would say you are attempting to gaslight me right now' WOW! Had to Google that one! OMG, that takes crazy to a whole new level! That's such the norm unfortunately these days. Try and have a calm exchange of ideas with someone until they disagree and out comes the character assassination...
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    For Parents Would you report emotional abuse -- has anything really changed?

    Wow, sorry to hear of your situation, that's a tough one. It hits close to home for me as I had a very 'good' (nationally awarded) coach working for me and she was flat mean! We fought like cats and dogs over it and I would ask her 'do you even like kids!?' The kids would go home in tears more...
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    For Parents Would you report emotional abuse -- has anything really changed?

    ' Why would you assume that I am talking about challenges, structure, discipline, excellence, hard work, goals, when I referred to it as emotional abuse? By minimizing what I called emotional abuse' (The point I was trying to make is that not all girls feel they are being abused, it's a matter...
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    For Parents Would you report emotional abuse -- has anything really changed?

    ' it doesn't address retaliation which is the big problem. I am talking about coaches who do have the power to limit a gymnast's future in the sport (and will use it) ' (I'll have to take your word for that as I'm not familiar with it. My girls have gotten numerous scholarships over the years...
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    For Parents Would you report emotional abuse -- has anything really changed?

    ' emotional abuse is hard to define and therefore hard to punish ' (well said, that it is. As far as filing a report, if you waited long enough to warrant one of those, you waited way too long! Shouldn't take but a time or two for you or your child to realize that that isn't the right...
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    For Parents Would you report emotional abuse -- has anything really changed?

    Wow, where do you guys find all these articles??? I must be living in a cave luckily, never heard or seen any of them. Here is an unpopular answer. Leave. Yep, plain and simple if you feel that any coach in any way is hurting or abusing your child, leave. Different coaches have different...
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    For Parents Between levels...what would you do?

    From my view as an owner, it's a no brainer. If you think your child is bored of her level, it's not even close to how bored she would be sitting there getting no medals at awards! It's my job as a coach to see that the kids are always successful and up training at the same time. I couldn't...