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  1. JAO

    Team Coach Needed

    Bump. Email [email protected] about this coaching opportunity.
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    WAG Amazing Catch! Coach saves gymnast's life!

    Sharing a video. Preparation and safety-first thinking saves lives! Or at least broken bones.
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    Team Coach Needed

    9 to 22 hours available for the right candidate. Looking for someone who can effectively coach mostly floor (tumbling and routines) and vault rotations (with some mix of other rotations thrown in) AND coach all team levels from the ground up. Join a dedicated program with disciplined, focused...
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    WAG Teaching Glides to 6 Year Olds

    Latest video for anyone interested:
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    For Coaches New Progression Video

    Answered about knees. The one-arm drop I've found helps prevent kids from sweeping sideways. When kids are told to keep their arms by their ears but can't quite get down to the floor in a deep enough lunge, they swing sideways and do around-the-side round-offs instead of over the top round offs...
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    For Coaches New Progression Video

    New video on progressions for Round Offs, if you're interested.
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    WAG New Video Tutorial

    Latest video tutorial for anyone interested:
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    WAG For gymnasts working Level 8

  9. JAO

    WAG New Beam Video

    JAOVideos first-ever beam video for anyone interested:
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    WAG Connecting kips to skills

    New video for anyone interested:
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    WAG Flyaways!

    Just videos. Tried to blog a few times, never got into the habit.
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    WAG Flyaways!

    Latest JAO Video tutorial for anyone interested:
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    WAG Giant tutorial

    I think it's a little bit presumptuous to say that any one particular reason is the only reason a kid would be afraid of something. Gymsanity, you are correctly interpreting my explanation of my theory: I wasn't question whether or not the tuck giant goes faster, I believe that it does, and that...
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    WAG Giant tutorial

    There is a highly and supremely specific, technical need for the bent knee giant: it exists for kids with an irrational fear of the high bar. My theory is that the bent knee giant on low bar goes really really fast, so that they get acclimated to that speed, then, when you put it on the high...
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    WAG Giant tutorial

    For anyone interested, a video on how to teach or learn giants:
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    WAG Celebrating the End of a Competition Season

    Just sharing a video from my Girls' Team end of the year celebration we had at the beginning of the summer:
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    WAG I need your help!

    ONLY a few hours left! Last time I'll beg for help! Thank you all!
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    WAG I need your help!

    One vote per month....unless you want to create alias facebook accounts ;)
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    WAG I need your help!

    Over a thousand people have viewed this. If you all voted, it'd be over. Here's the picture, judge for yourself: it's easily the coolest team picture ever. If you don't like it, don't vote. If you do, PLEASE hurry, we only have a few hours left...