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  1. JAO

    WAG Amazing Catch! Coach saves gymnast's life!

    Sharing a video. Preparation and safety-first thinking saves lives! Or at least broken bones.
  2. JAO

    Team Coach Needed

    9 to 22 hours available for the right candidate. Looking for someone who can effectively coach mostly floor (tumbling and routines) and vault rotations (with some mix of other rotations thrown in) AND coach all team levels from the ground up. Join a dedicated program with disciplined, focused...
  3. JAO

    WAG Teaching Glides to 6 Year Olds

    Latest video for anyone interested:
  4. JAO

    For Coaches New Progression Video

    New video on progressions for Round Offs, if you're interested.
  5. JAO

    WAG New Video Tutorial

    Latest video tutorial for anyone interested:
  6. JAO

    WAG For gymnasts working Level 8

  7. JAO

    WAG New Beam Video

    JAOVideos first-ever beam video for anyone interested:
  8. JAO

    WAG Connecting kips to skills

    New video for anyone interested:
  9. JAO

    WAG Flyaways!

    Latest JAO Video tutorial for anyone interested:
  10. JAO

    WAG Giant tutorial

    For anyone interested, a video on how to teach or learn giants:
  11. JAO

    WAG Celebrating the End of a Competition Season

    Just sharing a video from my Girls' Team end of the year celebration we had at the beginning of the summer:
  12. JAO

    WAG I need your help!

    Coaches, kids, parents! Please follow this link. Log in to Facebook, search for GTM Sportswear. "Like" GTM, then go to the photo voting contest and vote for Team Bounce Gymnastics. (It may be the second-to-last page of photos). Please! It's truly the best picture and deserves to win. The girls...
  13. JAO

    WAG What happened to the Jobs forum?

    Professional-caliber coach needed: part time, will grow into full time. Lauren Needs a Beam and Floor Coach - YouTube