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    WAG She's just not team-track: breaking it to parents

    Hi all, Wondering if you all have any advice about how I, as a rec and preschool coach should break it to parents if they ask me about team possibilities for their kid. I have one 7-year-old child in particular in intro girls' classes. Her mother keeps asking me about private lessons (I don't...
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    For Coaches Feeding into team

    How do your gyms find gymnasts to put on your team? (I'm only speaking to women's gymnastics, I don't know anything about how it works on the men's side.) At the gym I used to compete at, there were a few possibilities. A. If a girl showed a lot of potential in the toddler classes, she could...
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    WAG Solo drills for giant/baby giant

    Hi all- I've looked through the skill thread for giant/baby giant drills but it looks like a lot of the really good ones require a coach to spot. Does anyone have suggestions for drills (especially to encourage strong tapping and correct timing, and discourage arching over the top) that a...