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    WAG Beam Nerves

    Thanks you all so much for your help. I had another competition and didn’t fall once and was actually proud of my beam routine.
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    WAG Beam Nerves

    ok so I am having this huge issue with beam and competitions. I have always been one to never really get nervous or turn the nerves into adrenaline on every event other than beam. I’ve always been a bit nervous on beam but last comp season my nerves got so bad and have followed me through to...
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    For Parents Product to keep leo from riding up?

    I find butt glue/ tough skin works great.
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    WAG Long, thick hair bun recommendations?

    Both my sister and I have long curly thick hair. What we found worked best is to either straighten are hair first or we have purchased Bobby pins that are specifically made for thick hair.They almost look like a screw and work great to keep thick hair in a bun. I believe they are called spin...
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    WAG Any tips? I keep getting and losing my back handspring

    I can totally understand the frustration of not having a skill consistently. It would be great if you had a video of them because it would be helpful to see the difference between your good and bad bhs and maybe I could give some pointers. I wouldn’t be to concerned about it the more you work...
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    WAG Back handspring help !!

    Not a coach, but it looks like your arms are pretty wide and you are not pushing back enough.
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    WAG Giants

    So in late April I made my first giant which took a really long time for me to learn(over a year). At the end of May I separated my Growth plate in my wrist causing me to take 4weeks off. When I came back I couldn't make a giant for the life of me. My coach and I tried to go back to baby giants...