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  1. J

    For Coaches Making the transition from overlow to Giant

    I have a gymnast who can't seem to make the change from overlow to giant. Every time we work giants, she closes the shoulder angle at the last second (even spotted). I cant posted a video, but she gets almost to handstand and then closes her shoulders. She casts to handstand fine. Her fall from...
  2. J

    WAG Leaving is so hard

    Leaving is always hard, especially when there are strong bonds, but every new opportunity helps make you a better coach. Try to think of all the exciting things you will be doing this year. You'll meet new awesome kids to coach. Even though it's not the levels you coached before, coaching the...
  3. J

    For Coaches Press Handstand Work Everyday?

    Depends on what you are doing. If its only presses for 15min, its going to kill their wrists. Now, if you're working other strength that helps presses (like the v-ups and things mentioned above), that's great. Once they have the ability to press, though, I see it more as a conditioning exercise...
  4. J

    For Coaches Im still baffled

    You'll definitely have to watch the numbers of walkovers and handsprings with her, but I see no reason why she shouldn't train with the appropriate skill level on team. She's already been doing this at her old gym and she seemed happy, right? If she shows any sign of it being too much, back off...
  5. J

    WAG Texas Dreams vs WOGA and Metroplex

    ^^ Absolutely. Yes, a great gym will draw in others who started elsewhere, but definitely look at how many of their original athletes stuck with them. Some big gyms are more focused on the numbers/winning, and will quickly cast aside great athletes that have been with them for years for new hot...
  6. J

    WAG Question about L5 Floor Routine

    There is no deduction for this, but yes, running usually helps kids get more power. A gym i used to coach at made all their compulsory kids tumble from power hurdles (no steps).
  7. J

    For Coaches Hierarchy of coaches

    BarCoach, I feel your pain. I went from running my own small program so well that we outgrew our more recreational-focused gym within 2 years. I transfered myself and some of those kids to a very acclaimed gym, but now i'm seen as the low man on the totem pole. Some days are good and some days...
  8. J

    For Coaches Update! And a couple more questions?

    Cast handstands! And make sure their tap swings are awesome or giants won't happen very well in the future. If you can, get the little ones swinging in straps in addition to the Level 5 who's doing giants there.
  9. J

    WAG Juniors

    Not to take away from the seniors, but is anyone else far more excited by what the usa juniors are doing? I've been watching Bailie Key for years (which is crazy, consider she's barely a teen) and I'm also thoroughly impressed with lauren hernandez, among others, who's from my state. MG elite...
  10. J

    For Coaches Need Free-hip drills

    Coachp, I PMed you back but not sure if it went through. Let me know! Sent from my SCH-I405 using ChalkBucket mobile app
  11. J

    For Coaches Need Free-hip drills

    For the ones going to handstand, i'm just really shadowing/catching their legs once they hit hand (and i'm there in case they shoot too early). I guess going to hand on their own is just a matter of confidence in time for them, but if I could get another drill going for this, i could maybe speed...
  12. J

    For Coaches Need Free-hip drills

    Any great freehip drills out there that DONT require a coach monitoring them 24/7? My kids have a bar station on their own, and I spot freehips/freehip hands on the other bar (still within view, dont worry). We don't need basic stuff - they all go around to horizontal or higher, good shapes...
  13. J

    For Coaches Natural progression on bars

    ^^^^Yep. They've got to have the strength first. Also spot casts and cast hands a lot. And spot going over on cast hands - a lot of kids are afraid of the twist off if they go too far, so they hold back from casting. As for the squat ons, I find falls on those (once they have done them) are due...
  14. J

    WAG Age and Floor Music

    Each kid is different. The coach has to know the kid. I was very quiet when I was younger and the first floor routine I did sucked because no one thought I could perform and be showy. Having the right music, one that I loved, made all the difference in the world the next time around. I've seen...
  15. J

    WAG Height versus Form on Cast Handstand

    That's why I'm fixing this now. They are doing lots of straight arm kips to lower, hollow casts. It'll be a slow road but I've already seen a lot of improvement. My other kids all have straight and hollow cast hands or near cast hand. We have yet to use the straddle. I'm not against it...
  16. J

    WAG Any lefties struggling with the new routines?

    I'm teaching it, and it is confusing. I have only one Level 4 in my group and several learning the Level 5 routine. Of course the Level 4 has to also be a lefty. :) I'm a very analytical person, so I found that making a chart helped. One column writes out exactly what the righty is doing (arms...
  17. J

    WAG Height versus Form on Cast Handstand

    I did the "just get it up and over for now" way this year. Most of my kids have straightened out, nice cast hands. I have two, however, with huge arm bends/casting off their stomachs. They can both go over and sometimes even control it to come back into the bar from handstand, but it's archy and...
  18. J

    WAG Muliple programs - how do you do it?

    ^^^I want to like this a hundred times. Thank you! Sent from my GT-P3113 using ChalkBucket mobile app
  19. J

    WAG Muliple programs - how do you do it?

    Anyone out there have multiple programs trying to practice at the same time in the gym? Like two different types of womens teams? How do you do it, especially factoring in classes? Are you on set schedules or does one team or league take priority? Open to any and all thoughts. If you are from a...
  20. J

    For Coaches Ideas for Rope

    Great ideas, thanks! I very much like the idea of creating a "mini rope" from a high bar. That would at least help to make 2 groups for climbing, even if they had to climb up and down a bunch of times to get the same effect as the real rope. My kids only climb without legs as well, we just need...