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  1. Q

    Side aerial help

    So, the problem is not that i keep on putting my hands down, it is I keep on landing on the side of my leg, i can't seem to land on my feet. If i try to rotate faster, i will always accidentally toss myself into the air even faster and land on the side of my leg even harder and more painful Any...
  2. Vaasu

    Side Aerial HELP!!!

    Hello everyone!!! First forum post yeyyyy!!!! Well I really need help with my side aerial. I have recorded myself in slow motion and it seems as though I keep putting my hands down and end up in a handstand. My gymnastics coach and acro coach have both told me I get enough height. I would...
  3. A

    Aerial Problems

    Hey guys! Side aerials have always been my dream skill. I can do a solid cartwheel and have been working on perfecting it with straight legs, pointed toes, straight arms, and a big straddle for a while now. My next step has been wanting to do a side aerial. However, when attempting a dive...
  4. A

    Cartwheels and Front Limbers

    Hi! I have a few questions about cartwheels and front limbers. Thank you so much for taking your time to read/answer these questions! 1) Is there a trick to keeping your legs straight besides pointing your toes and really practicing a lot? I make sure to lunge forward and practice a lot and try...