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  1. E

    WAG Australian WAG

    Hi everyone! I am quite a tall gymnast having trouble with 2 glide swing connection in lvl 4 WAG (Australia). I was wondering if I am able to do a straddle instead of pike… or do I have to pike. If anybody could get back this would be great as I have a comp in 4 1/2 weeks and I need to prepare...
  2. J

    For Parents Australian floods

    Parents, coaches and owners of east cost Aussie gyms - how are your gyms holding up? My daughter’s gym is fine - it’s in an elevated part of Sydney. But it has been devastating to see what has happened to other gyms - especially on the backs of two lengthy lockdowns in two years for some of...
  3. J

    Where would I buy metal-bar gloves? (Australia)

    Usually the girls just use gloves supplied by the gym, but now each girl needs their own. GMdirect is my usual go-to but they are sold out until mid July. Are they just the sort of white cotton glove you would use for handling old books? Or are they special in some way? I am getting a...
  4. J

    New routines? (Australia)

    Are the 2020 floor routines for levels 3-6 new routines to the old music, or have they just had the choreography changed slightly to reflect new requirements?
  5. mom2557

    WAG Mihai Brestyan finished Australia Contract
  6. Flyaway

    WAG Faehn in Australia?! Well this is news.
  7. J

    Australia's team

    Two of the gymnasts named to the team have had to withdraw due to injuries that happened the day before they were due to fly out. Rhianna Mizzen has a ruptured ACL.
  8. M

    Level 7-10 WAG changes for 2019 in Australia

    Hi All, This is my first post, although I have been reading posts for quite some time now. I was just wondering if anyone knows what the changes are for level 7-10 WAG for 2019, that have just been released? My DD is deciding whether to repeat her level or move forward, so I though if I knew...
  9. txgymfan

    OT Australian Olympian on Ninja Warrior

    2008 Olympic Gymnast does a back hip circle up the warped wall. So cool!
  10. azara

    WAG Becoming a judge in Australia

    Hi Chalkbucketers, I've always been interested in the technical side of gymnastics and I think it would be very interesting to become a judge. I've been looking for information on the Gymnastics Australia webpage and found that the course I need to take is a beginner's judging course for WAG...
  11. M

    WAG Mihai Brestyan leaving for Australia?!?

    i just saw that he has been confirmed to coach Australia's national team. I'm guessing that the gym won't stay open for long, but did he comment either way on the status of the gym?
  12. A

    Gymnastics Australia seeking High Performance Coaching staff

    Gymnastics Australia (GA) is the peak body for gymnastics in Australia with a vision to enrich lives through Gymnastics. The GA Strategic Plan 2017-2020 and ‘Australia’s Winning Edge’ (AWE) are key drivers of GA’s High Performance (HP) Program. The HP Program provides targeted support for...
  13. auswi

    WAG Australian Champs

    Opening ceremony Monday - Dd's so excited , got her new Leo and uniform ready to go :) Good luck and have lots of fun to all the other gymnasts and their families participating :)
  14. A

    Product recommendation for rips (Australia)

    Hi all - happy Australia Day :D My DDs team have been working towards kipping and those hands are suffering! I've read up on old posts on treatment protocols (thanks all) but there are lots of recommendations for products not available here (or possibly called something else!) So needing some...
  15. T

    What am I looking for? Moving from Australia to Canada (Kitchener Waterloo area)

    I'm trying to wrap my head around how the levels here in Australia match up to those in Canada so I can figure out what programs I'm looking for in a gym. I have 2 children that do gym. My son is doing normal level 3 here in Australia. He is 9 and trains 9-12 hours a week. My daughter is 6 and...
  16. auswi

    For Parents Australian Nat Champs

    Good luck and have fun to any CBers ( and of course their gymies :) )heading to the Nat Champs in Geelong!! :) A week to go!
  17. Gymnastisism

    For Coaches Australian MAG levels

    Does anyone know where I could find the state levels requirements (NSW) for MAG?
  18. LucyTRA

    OT Something Australian....

    My dad has been away working in Perth since February and is coming back in September. He has decided that he wants to bring us (us being my 2 sisters and I) back a present, but he wants it to be something Australian. He suggested this particular brand of handbags and sent links to all of us but...
  19. A

    Australian Gymnastics nationals live streaming If anyone is interested in having a look. The Australian nationals championships are being live streamed right now as well as tomorrow and the next day. You might have to work out the time differenc to catch it.
  20. V

    WAG Understanding Australian Gymnastics

    Hi all, I am a parent of a gymnast in Hong Kong, located in Hong Kong. However, I have friends who have moved to NSW last August who are trying to understand the way Australian Gym works. My friends daughter went into National Level 5 last August but has not yet entered into any competitions...