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  1. Nikki4

    WAG Team awards

    What is you or your kid or your coaches favorite team award at meets? Ever gotten anything unique, something different than just a banner or trophy?
  2. Sk8ermaiden

    WAG Ordering Awards for Meets

    Our gym owner asked me to get quotes for meet awards. We have never hosted a meet before, but we do have a professional meet director and experienced coaches - so they've given help on how many extra to order, etc. Companies though. I did a search and saw recommendations for Crown Trophy. Any...
  3. R

    For Parents Coaches not around for awards??

    Is it customary for the coaches to bail the second competition is over? 4 of our girls placed and our team won 2nd place all around and the coaches left and weren't there to support our girls and congratulate them!!! I'm shocked, pissed and dismayed!!!!
  4. flipandfly

    WAG Dear Awards Announcer,

    "These are your Day 1, Session 2, Venue 1, Level X, Division X, Overall Champions!" I understand you are new to announcing. But the meet was already running behind. And to say that for each EVENT in each DIVISION. Oh, and I think "All Around" was the phrase you were looking for. I don't...
  5. J

    WAG No Event Awards to specific level

    We recently had a pre-meet at our gym. Our scores counted towards state and all that. Last year, they only did AA awards. This year they did the highest scorer in each level on each event along with AA awards. I'm in Xcel, and they gave the event awards to all of the levels-except silver. They...
  6. Aero

    WAG Need ideas for creative awards.

    Our team lock-in is being held two Saturdays from now, and the girls are so excited! Literally, they ask me every day about it, hahaha! :D Anyways, I want to hold an award ceremony for girls with unique titles. For example, most improved, funniest, strongest, best leaps, etc. However, it's a...
  7. D

    Proper Awards Attire

    Just returned from regionals, where my OCD got the best of me. It's frustrating to watch the number of athletes get up on the podium half dressed to receive their awards. I was told by our gyms coach that the athletes are suppose to be in competition attire, so that's what I was anticipating...
  8. J

    WAG Why no individual event awards?

    Okay so this year was my first year in xcel and i started in silver. at the first in gym meet we only got AA awards and thats how it always is. Then for our first real meet in our state, the same happened however, the gold+ levels did individual event awards but we didnt. I thought it was a...
  9. M

    MAG State Awards?

    We had our state meet this week and I am really proud of my guy. It was not his best meet and I knew something wasn't quite right. When he came out in tears before awards with a "my head hurts SOOOO bad". Not the best time for the first migraine of the pollen season. To add insult to injury...
  10. B

    WAG Awards

    Need help trying to find the numbers for award placements 1-20.
  11. M

    For Parents Awards

    At dd first meet the host gym handed out medals to first through sixth place for each event and first through sixth place overall. Is this typical or will it be different at each meet?
  12. mamaplum

    For Parents Banners for team awards

    So our gym's booster club is hosting a small invitational meet. We have handed out team trophies in years past but in our area it seems the trend has moved to vinyl banners. My question how big should these banners be? I would assume about 2x3? I would measure but ours are all up and would...
  13. claudidoll

    For Parents Scores not matching awards

    Hey all does it happen often that scores don't match awards? My DD had her first meet last weekend and got 4 silvers and a 5th on beam ( she fell) Our gym posted the scores and according to that she would have gotten gold on bars She is young (7) and it was my understanding that they were not...
  14. M

    For Parents Awards questions

    My DD competed today- overall a good meet- medaled in all events. I think she received the correct medals/placements. But I noticed at least two times where they said there was a tie but the girls had different scores. This is not normal, right? Example: in vault they said there was 4 way...
  15. D

    WAG Incase you missed it, Simone /Kyla attacked by Bee during awards

    I'm not sure who is funnier, Simone or Kyla. :)
  16. LucyTRA

    End of season awards - Help!

    Tuesday will be my final session as chair of my University's trampoline club, and our final session before the summer. I want to do fun awards for everyone but I'm running out of ideas! can anyone add to the list I already have? So far I've got: Most improved tramp - for the girl who took 3...
  17. J

    For Parents Level 4 boys awards

    Hi. I'm a parent of a new gymnast that will be competing for the first time in a couple of weeks. He is 7, and level four. I was wondering how they do awards for his level, and any other insight some of you might have. I've heard several things... Achievement awards (blue ribbon for 9.0 and...
  18. coachmolly

    For Coaches Meet Awards

    We are looking to get some nice-ish awards for a district type high school meet towards the end of the season but are on a very limited budget. Can anyone recommend a good place to look for reasonably priced medals? We would only need about 30ish, so not enough for a bulk order, but also aren't...
  19. Dizzy_And_Lazy

    Vault and Rebound Proficiency Awards

    I was wondering if anyone knew what skills are needed to pass silver and gold in the vault and rebound awards. These are for the British Gymnastics advanced proficiency awards. Thanks :)
  20. V

    WAG Awards or not... (and a little brag)

    DD has a very packed day coming up! DD's state meet is in 3 weeks. Her group of level 4s go at 8 am. For once, this is a good thing. DD is also in her school musical. (She is the Mayor's Wife in Bye Bye Birdie.) She has a matinee performance at 2. Although, she is supposed to be there at 1 (this...