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  1. W

    WAG Solo drills for giant/baby giant

    Hi all- I've looked through the skill thread for giant/baby giant drills but it looks like a lot of the really good ones require a coach to spot. Does anyone have suggestions for drills (especially to encourage strong tapping and correct timing, and discourage arching over the top) that a...
  2. S

    WAG Baby giant

    I thought that there was a baby giant in the L5 bar routine, but apparently not (DD just competed that level this fall and when she did that move she called it a baby giant but now she says it wasn't). She now does a similar move, but from a bigger cast, but she comes all the way around, says...
  3. ladybird

    WAG What exactly is a "baby giant?"

    I have tried searching around for this, but what is a "baby giant?" My dd has just recently started doing giants on the strap bar, first with a heavy spot and now somewhat by herself. However, the other day the strap bar was attached to the low bar and she and her training group were doing them...