back handspring

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  1. H

    WAG Help connecting round off to a bhs

    Hi guys! Currently I am working on my round off back handspring. It has been a few years since I’ve practiced, yet I am still having the same issue. My round off is powerful, but when it comes to connecting it to a back handspring it goes down hill. My coach is telling me that I need to feel...
  2. Delia4

    Help!!! Backhandspring step outs

    Please help! I have a very hard time doing backhandspring step outs. I jump pretty hard(although I am not the most powerful). I have been told that my legs bend at first (I guess to separate faster?). I can kind of feel it, but don't know how to fix it. No matter how hard I try to split my legs...
  3. gymnastelly10

    Back handspring on trampoline help needed!

    Hey! I've been working on my back handspring on the trampoline forever! So I have no problem jumping back and landing on my hands, but I can never land on my feet. It's like I jump back, land on my hands swing my legs over and fall onto my knees or stomach. Sometimes I accidentally twist my...