back handsprings

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  1. H

    Twisting in back handsprings

    Hi, I've been trying to learn my back handspring for about 3 months now, but I can't seem to get it right. I've been practicing with those round/octagonal barrel things and I can do it fairly well with them or when someone is spotting me. But when I try to do it on trampoline or tumble trak...
  2. M

    WAG Tumbling without back handsprings

    Is it possible to tumble ok without back handsprings? I think my daughter has bad back handsprings, she loses power on them. Can she do roundoff- back tuck? How does tumbling work without back handsprings? Thanks
  3. L

    Pac man verses boulder to help learn back handsprings??

    Hi! I’m new here. Please help. I have several kids struggling to learn back handsprings. Which is better to help them, the smarter spotter, pac man, or boulder? I’ve always done hands on double spotting for beginners but I have one who is very frightened of going backwards. (I think it’s...
  4. G

    WAG Round off 2 back handsprings?

    So I have my RO Bhs perfectly. But I'm just really scared to go for a ro Bhs Bhs. I've done it before lots of times and then now I can't seem to be able to do it..I think part of it is that I think too much and scare myself. And i need this skill before the summer is over or else I won't move...
  5. Paint A Melody

    WAG Back Handsprings with Legs Apart

    Whenever I do a back handspring, my feet always seperate, then go back together for the end. I don't know how to fix it. :( I've had by back handspring for years, but I don't know when it started to be a problem. They still are apart in my ROBHS but it's not as noticeable as my standing BHS...
  6. S

    For Coaches Elbow Injuries on Back Handsprings?

    I thought I remembered reading something about this a month or two ago, but a search found nothing, so I thought I would ask. I have a Level 3 athlete training for competition beginning at the end of this month. She took some time off this summer and so was the last one on her team to get her...
  7. Gymnastics123456

    WAG Back handsprings on beam

    Does anyone know any good drills or tips or conditioning for back handsprings on beam? Also I always bend my left arm. Any solutions for that? Thanks
  8. F

    MAG Back Handsprings

    Should a first year level 4 have his back handspring by now? Mine does not, but he is still working on it. I just feel like most boys have this skill by now. Am I wrong?
  9. Canadian_gym_mom

    WAG Back handsprings on beam differences

    I just wondered if a back handspring step out and one to two feet at the same time are worth the same?
  10. G

    WAG Please help! Beam back handsprings.

    I really need help with my back handspring on beam! It is really inconsistent. Sometimes it is really nice and sometimes it is horrible. My biggest problem is hand placement. I try to look for the beam, but I rarely get them on correctly, and one of my hands has slipped off several times. The...
  11. ivyagogo

    WAG Improving form on all skills - especially back handsprings

    As most of you know by now, my gym has been rec only ever since I started coaching there. Kids were coming once a week for an hour. I am now starting an xcel team. Girls will be required to come twice a week for 90 minute classes. Most of these kids have pretty lousy form on a lot of skills...
  12. S

    WAG Back :(

    I am just frustrated to the point of tears about this. I've had my back handspring on my floor since I was about 9-10 years old(I'm 17 now, so that's 7-8 years). I used to be absolutely fearless about them, I could do them anywhere, several at a time, I would do them in the backyard, outside at...
  13. Sasha

    For Coaches Back handsprings - heavy trampoline training or not?

    Hi coaches, I have a new Excel Bronze dd (been in gymnastics 4.5 months), and I'm new to the sport as a parent who never did gymnastics (sadly - would have loved to!). Understandably, all the girls are excited to learn the bhs as one of the next skills. I've noticed at our gym that the rec...
  14. T

    WAG I Need Help On Flicks (Back Handsprings)!!!!

    Basically, I don't have the power in my arms to push from the handstand back to my feet. My hands hit the mat and then my feet snap over but before I can land, my arms crumple and I land on my knees. I really need it for a tumbling series and I've been working on it for ages!!!!!! Its also...
  15. mustlovejumping

    turning one hand in on back handsprings and other skills

    I was working on back extension rolls and back handsprings down a wedge tonight and I realized that I always turn my left hand in for both of these skills. I'm guessing I've been doing it for a while and probably on other skills too, but tonight was the first time I noticed it. If I raise my...
  16. S

    Three back handsprings

    What is the deduction for doing three back handsprings on beam in level 8? One alone one in series all landed on beam.
  17. G

    Hand Placement in Back Handsprings

    I noticed in my back handsprings my hands face out to the sides instead of the way you would put them in a handstand. Is that okay?
  18. d0nut_l0ver

    Front Handsprings, Squat-Ons, Back Handsprings... oh my!

    Last week was my first day back after a LOOOOOOOOOONG break, and I did terribly. I couldn't even walk on the beam without falling off! But this week I was almost back to where I had left off last session. I got all my skills back, and some even better than before. But I am having trouble on...
  19. G


    In my back handsprings I always land on my head. My arms just don't hold up and I collapse. Any help? Ideas? Thanks xx
  20. MayDay

    Back Handsprings..Too Young?

    So I've heard that young children are not supposed to do back-bends, etc., until age 5 (or 6?). When browsing youtube the other day (I think I was looking to see what a 'flyaway' was) I came across a 2.5 year old girl working on backhandsprings at a gym. Also, working on back tucks. The...