back handsprings

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  1. A

    Round offs and Back Handsprings

    I'm looking for drills for round offs and back handsprings for our level 3s and 4s. They're having a really difficult time getting their chests ups and not sticking their butts out. We've worked snap downs off of mats and most of them can do them successfully, but when it comes to doing the...
  2. C

    For Coaches Quick verbiage for teaching back handsprings

    Here's one for anyone's input. I'm looking to see what wording or verbiage others use to teach back handsprings in the simplest terms possible. My example I stole from a college coach is as follows: "Sit back, jump high, don't let your head hit the ground." I'm basically looking for ways others...
  3. E

    For Parents Emma and back handsprings

    Emma did TWO back handsprings tonight. :) I am so proud of her. You all know her struggle with this skill! :) Here is the video. Her coach had her try them on the floor too, but with a spot first. Emma has made huge steps in the last 2 months. She is so proud of herself. YouTube - Two back...
  4. hawaii_gymnast

    Back Handsprings

    I have been working back handsprings for a year or two now on beam, but just recently I have started working them more and been trying to get them by myself. I did it on the low beam by myself yesterday, but they are really ugly. I can do them on the floor perfectly, but when I try on beam my...
  5. henrik541

    Valdez pirouette and back handsprings

    Hi, I'm about to start back handsprings and I would like to know how long did you take to learn them and what difficulties do you have/had while learning? Also, I'd like you to help me with a new skill: I have no idea how to do a valdez pirouette and I really need it. Plz help...:)
  6. R

    Back Handsprings.

    So I've been doing my back handspring for a couple of months and i injured my right shoulder. So when i do my back handspring i consciously turn towards the left side to avoid pressure on my right side. Basically my arms are turning to the side not directly behind like they should. I already...
  7. C

    When do you think i'll start learning back handsprings?

    I know You start learning them in level 3 while being spotted but i just started gymnastics (im 12) i live in ontario canada. I had my 2nd class on wednesday. Do you think i'll learn them soon? Thanks so much and since i just started is it a late age? people might think im 16 when im...
  8. P

    For Coaches Back Handsprings

    Need help please! I have about 6 classes of tumblers. I have several that just can't seem to get over in their back handsprings. All of them have very little flexibility in their shoulders (which I tell them to also work on that part @ home...of course they don't); they are also pretty tall...
  9. X

    Back handsprings - pulled back muscle

    Hey all, I've recently just started doing acro type stuff at a gymnasium where there's no structured style of learning. Basically people turn up and can use the room and equipment to practice their stuff. I started perhaps about 12 weeks ago and can now do back and front somersaults (in the...
  10. G

    back handsprings on beam

    hey i'm amanda :) so i had been working on back handsprings on beam for a few months now, but i broke my hand at the end of may, working on drills for bhs on beam. my hand is FINALLY getting better so i've been working on them alot more now. and when i do them, i guess it's kinda weird how i...
  11. S

    Front Handsprings and Back Handsprings

    I am new at teaching these skills and I was looking for some creative drills to incorporate into my lessons. These drills can involve any floor drills using wedges, mats, traps, or blocks, can also involve tumble tracks, pit mats, and even the pit. THANK YOU!
  12. fishchimes

    Crooked back handsprings

    Okay, so I *finally* got my back handspring, which I am very happy about. But I've noticed that at some point during the back handspring, I am twisting to the left. I try really hard to keep straight, and I don't feel myself twisting, but apparently I am because if I do them on a tape line I...
  13. canadiangymnast_eh

    drills for free hips and back handsprings i can do at home

    i was wondering if there was any drills i could do at home to improve/get my free hip handstands on bars and my back handsprings on beam? for my free hips i am trying to get to handstand but my coach says im not pulling early enough to get to handstand. so any drills to help with that. for my...
  14. G

    Arched Back Handsprings

    Hey all! First time caller, long time listener, One of my gymnasts has a problem with the first part of her BHS. She has a very flexible back, and arches to the point where her fingers nearly touch her heels; not a very strong position, if you ask me. She can perform the skill by herself on...
  15. D

    For Parents *Back handsprings!!!!

    After working for about a month on her back handsprings dd finally did it out on the trampoline on her own! She is somewhat of a cautious child and would not do it by herself, but today her bff was over and showed her how and she was out there trying it on her own. I really have to applaud her...
  16. F

    Back Handsprings

    Is there anything I can do to get my BHS? I haven't managed one after over 3 years and I was wondering if there was anything to do to help speed the process.