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  1. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Tips to not throw back head in back tuck

    At practice I keep throwing my head back in my back tuck. I want to stop throwing my head back so I can start working on my back handspring back tuck. If anyone has some tips for throwing your head back I would love to see them in the replies.
  2. ProudMomOfAlani

    For Parents Round off Back tuck

    My 13-year-old daughter goes to a gym once a week. Her first class was last week. Before this, she was self-taught for about a year and a half. Her goal is to be a competitive gymnast. Her highest skill that she taught herself is a standing back tuck (when she went to her first class last week...
  3. jariellest

    WAG Trouble on back tuck set

    My gymnast is 14, and working on a handspring tuck and is having a hard time. She’s transitioning from back handspring to tucks and is struggling on the set. She has extremely powerful tumbling and rebounds (fast too) but lacks control and air awareness. She understands everything she needs to...
  4. E

    For Parents Struggling with a Round Off Backhandspring Back Tuck

    Hi, My daughter is struggling with connecting her round off backhandspring back tuck. She can do her round off triple backhandspring and a round off back tuck beautifully. Are there any tips or tricks?
  5. helllllooooooooo

    WAG back tuck required for xcel gold?

    This is just a general question. Is it normally required?
  6. M

    WAG Back Tuck help

    hi so, i’m having issues with my standing tuck and roundoff handspring tuck. i have very high rebounds on air-track & the spring floor mat for a standing handspring and roundoff handspring tuck, and i can do both on a tumble track. for my standing tuck, i notice i keep entering a sitting...
  7. Jestergym

    Back tuck tips

    Hi I’m currently working on my round off handspring back tuck and I can do them no problem but I’m having an issue with the form of my back tuck. The issue is when I do the tuck I have my knees together and my ankles are faf apart. I’ve tried everything my coach has said but my ankles still are...
  8. G

    WAG Standing Back Tuck

    For reference I'm a high school gymnast now but I train with a club and have for a long time. Our high school requirements are the JO level 8 special requirements plus 0.3 in bonus. At this level is it a significant problem not being able to do a standing back tuck? Out of a round off I have a...
  9. T

    Help!! Can't land the back tuck

    This is year 2 of my daughter trying to land her back tuck and she just can't seem to land it. What can she do?
  10. C

    Back tuck fear

    Hi I am a tumbler and I can do my tuck on the tramp but not on the ground. Im scared to do it on the ground. Help!
  11. CoachKay

    For Coaches Front and Back Tuck Drills

    One of my athletes whom is competing Level 3 this year I can tell has a lot of potential. She’s fearless and her picks up on things extremely quickly. My goal is to get her to level 5 next season. So I have to start teaching tucks on floor. I coach mainly through progressions and drills, I only...
  12. G

    WAG Roundoff Back Handspring Back Tuck Mental Block?

    So, I got my roundoff back handspring back tuck at the end of October 2019. I did really amazing ones throughout November. I was very confident with them, had tons of height and power, and they were amazing. At my inter-squad meet in November the pass was perfect! I continued doing them...
  13. L

    I can’t seem to set well in my standing back tuck

    I can do it off of a four panel mat, but I’ve watched my videos and my arms do not go up at all in my set. I don’t know how I’m making it over, but my form is very bad and I want to fix this. Here is my issue, whenever I do jump up and set properly, I don’t rotate very fast, and I don’t land it...
  14. J

    Back handspring and back tuck progressions

    I have seen that it is usually recommended to learn a back handspring before a back tuck. What are the reasons and do they still apply to adults? More generally, does anyone have any recommendation on progressions for these two skills for adults (male in his 30s here)? As an adult male even if...
  15. G

    WAG Deductions on Roundoff Back handspring Back Tuck?

    I have my first EVER gymnastics competition (I will be competing level 8) in about 2.5 weeks. Can anyone watch this video of my roundoff back handspring back tuck and tell me what deductions I might receive for it and any tips on correcting my mistakes? This video was taken on my first day of...
  16. G

    WAG Is cartwheel back tuck beam A or B

    Hi! Is cartwheel back tuck beam dismount CONNECTED considered an A or B skill? I think separately they are two A's but if you connect does that make the overall dismount a B?
  17. gymnastabby05

    I can't tuck on my back tuck!

    I've been doing back tucks for a while now and i'm so mad at myself. I set really high and land it but i get bad scores because i don't tuck tight enough. I don't know why, because i'm not scared of anything about the skill, and if i ticked i would have it all on my own. I don't get it. Have any...
  18. G

    WAG Lost Skill :( Standing back tuck

    I’m really sad because I lost my standing back tuck. I did it for the first time in March (so two months ago). It’s my favorite skill, and I got so good at them that I started working them ON beam! But about a week ago they started becoming inconsistent. It seems that I’m severely undercutting...
  19. R

    WAG I can’t set in my round off back tuck!

    I have been trying to do a round off back tuck for years but it’s always the same problem. I have trouble tucking and setting and I really need tips. I don’t have access to a trampoline
  20. M

    WAG Double back tuck acquired at what age?

    I'm curious to know by what age it is reasonable to expect a female gymnast to acquire this skill.