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  1. W

    Crooked BackWalkover- Always Missing

    A few months ago I got my Back Walkover on the high beam without falling or anything. I was able to consistently to this (and i was moving on to series) for the next 3 weeks or so. There were a few practices where we skipped beam. The first time I tried my BWO again on beam I missed both feet. I...
  2. A


    Hi everyone! I have a few questions about back walkovers. I can do the splits, a front walkover, and a backbend kickover. When I go into my back walkover, I can do the first part where I do a backbend on one foot but then I can't kick over from there immediately when my foot hits, but when I...
  3. K

    WAG How do I get over the fear of doing backwalkovers on high beam?

    Ok so I've been doing backwalkers on beam for about 2 weeks. I have it down on the low beam. But once I get to the high beam I completely freak out. My friends and I stack up 3 8 inchers on the lowest high beam. I can do it with all three of them on but once we start taking them off I get all...
  4. putri

    WAG BWO on beam hands

    Hi! Need some suggestions on this... As long as dd is going forward, her hands placement on beam is fine. So she can tic-toc for example with no problem. But going backwards, her hands would go over each other or one is in front of the other. So then she'll struggle to go over and even when she...