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  1. E

    For Coaches Back walkover advice

    Hi all, Could you guys let me know what you think of my daughter's back walkover please? She has recently learned this skill so we are still working on straightening that second leg - any tips on how to do that would be much appreciated. She's currently in recreational and in her age group...
  2. gymnastics<3

    WAG crooked back walkover

    Okay, so I had problems with back walkovers on beam for a while. My right leg leads my kick over. I would always put my left hand in front of my right hand instead of in a butterfly position. I almost never got them together in the butterfly position, and when I did, it was crooked, again with...
  3. M

    WAG Stretches for back walkover

    So I am working on my back walkover, and I was wondering if anyone has good stretches you recommend for your back? I have heard from friends and the internet that bridges can be really bad for you, plus they make my lower back really sore, so I’m trying to not just do those. Also, (sorry for 2...
  4. G

    WAG Back walkover on beam

    I have all skills for level 5 on beam except for back walkover. I know I can do it because I've done it exactly how you would on a beam except on a line. Everytime I go on the beam I get scared and don't go. Any ideas how I could get over this fear so that I can move up?
  5. K

    WAG Back walkover: non-kicking leg going out to the side???

    Good news is we finally fixed the shoulder flexibility and opening up issue for my daughter's back walkover- yay! Now though when she kicks back her non-kicking leg is going out to the side making her go off course and twist and fall over to that side. What is she doing wrong? We don't have...
  6. G

    WAG back walkover on beam

    My daughter is working on her back walkover on beam to train up for next season but she is scared of going backwards. Its a fair fear but she is nearly entirely doing it on her own, with a very very light spot and Im looking for ways to get over the fear. Any ideas?
  7. G

    WAG Back Walkover Backhandspring on beam

    I'm in level 7 and can't quite seem to connect my back walkover back handspring, I was wondering if anyone can help me overcome my fear of this skill?
  8. daisygymnastics

    How to straighten legs in back walkover?

    So I just got my backwalkover :) so happy! But one thing I want to work on is straightening my legs in it so if you have any tips so I can still complete the kickover part without losing the power with straight legs I’d be grateful thank you!
  9. daisygymnastics

    Did you get your front or back walkover first?

    Just curious, I already have my front walkover but not my back walkover. Many people seem to find back walkovers easier than front walkovers and I’m not too sure why if you can do both, which did you find easier and why? :)
  10. N

    For Parents Back walkover and poor shoulder flexibility in 7 year old

    I am new to CB and to the world of gymnastics. My 7 year old is on pre-team currently (level 1-2 equivalent) and we are not yet sure what the plan for her is going to be come June. We are still waiting to hear. She has done very well on pre-team, she is one of the stronger kids and does very...
  11. G

    For Coaches Back walkover fear

    Wellllll, I think I have read everything about fears and vestibular issues and how to get over them. I think this is the hardest part in coaching gymnastics, trying to stay calm and act like it's not a big deal and it's going to get fixed and it's not the end of the world. It's just so hard to...
  12. R

    WAG Crooked back walkover on beam

    DD has had an issue for the past few months where she tends to go crooked on the bwo on the high beam and fall off the side of the beam. And not just barely missing her feet, but more like going at a 45 degree angle or more off the beam. She had it fine for a few months before this started...
  13. G

    WAG Back walkover on beam??:(

    Okay, so I am having trouble with my back walkover on beam. I have it in the floor perfectly and I have it on a chubby beam and red squishy low beam really good. I need my back walkover on the HIGH beam for level 5(I am competing level 4 this fall) I don't have it on the real low beam yet:( I...
  14. Gymnasticsismypassion

    WAG Back walkover records

    I was just wondering what is you record of most back walkovers in a row and where you did them!! I did 42 in a hotel hallway.
  15. Araemom

    WAG Is there any skill that can replace back walkover on beam lvl 6

    Ok...without going into detail on why my level 6 gymnast cant do a back walkover or a back handspring on beam (this would be like writing a short novel) there anything else that can replace those? Can she do say a round off or front walkover? What if she did a skill to replace the back...
  16. P

    WAG Back walkover on beam

    My daughter is having issues with this skill. She actually said she hated it. She has started practicing her BHS on beam and says this is easier. She is still on the floor doing the BHS on a foam beam. She says the BWO hurts her back. Is she perhaps doing it wrong or is she just not...
  17. All Chalked Up

    WAG Back walkover back handspring on beam

    I've been having some issues with BWO BHS on beam- more mental than anything else! Are there any drills I can do at home to make myself more comfortable? I have a foldable floor beam "line" I can use. Thanks! EDIT: coaches, do you prefer your gymnasts to do BWO BHS two foot or BWO BHS stepout...
  18. Libby's gym mom

    Back walkover on beam

    Hi, newbie here . My daughter has just turned 7 and has already made squad status , which I'm proud of . My gripe is , Libby can do backwalkovers on a high beam and has done so for a month or so but all of a sudden she's very frightened again ? Any tips ? It's so frustrating !!
  19. amblan01

    How long will it take to get a back walkover?

    I need it by August for the next level. I don't have a backbend kickover because my back and shoulders are stiff. Is it possible to gain back and shoulder flexibility and get a backbend kickover by then? That is the one skill that will move me forward. I am prepared to work hard enough to get it...
  20. S

    WAG Is a Back walkover Allowed?

    Is a back walkover allowed in a Xcel Silver beam routine?