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  1. F

    Coaches back walkover back handspring connection

    Does anyone have a video of a great back walkover back handspring connection on beam? (level 7) And a video of a close connection but no credit, I am struggling trying to decide whether or not one of my gymnasts is connecting, she did not get credit last meet, but I was not there so I didn't...
  2. htimcj

    WAG More common- Back Walkover/Back Walkover or Back Walkover/BHS?

    Which tends to be the more common series for level 6 or 7, the back walkover/back walkover with BHS separate or the back walkover/back handspring series with no extra bhs? DD already has the BWO/BWO and separate BHS and is connecting the BWO/BSH on the floor beam. Just wondering when each...
  3. J

    Back walkover help!?

    Any advice/tips on how to get my back walkover!?
  4. cbone

    WAG "I need to get my back walkover on beam!"

    My little one brought her little foam roll-up beam out of the closet last night at 10:00. I said, "Sweetie, why are you getting that out right now?" She replied, "I need to get my back walkover on beam!" I said, "Why? You don't need that skill for this next level." She gave me the look and...
  5. ~Gymnast~

    Back walkover problems!

    I am in level 3 ( working on level 4 skills ) but i cant do a back walkover. I can do a back handspring and front handspring, but yet i cant do a back walkover. My coach says i have to push off with my right leg, because it is stronger. I do that, but i still get stuck in the air and then i go...
  6. B

    WAG troubled back walkover on beam / Mental block?

    im competing level 5 this year so i dont need it just yet but my coach wants us to have it by the end of season to get to backhand springs! all the other girls have it on low beam! the thing is i terrified of them i can do it easily with spot on low beam my coach just puts her hand on my back to...
  7. E

    Back walkover Help

    I'm having trouble with my back walkover. I can do it with a spot but when i try by myself i pull out. Does anyone know how to gain trust to myself? Any comments would be appreciated
  8. G

    Back walkover on beam help!!

    I am trying to learn my back walkover on beam. I've been practicing it on a 1" high mat beam thing. I can land my feet straight on it but can't get my hands together on it. Does anyone have tips for keeping your hands together so they go on the beam?
  9. G

    Back walkover with a little hop

    I was wondering if there are any tips on how to not jump to my hands when I am about 2 inches from the floor max when I am doing my back walkover. A little background info: I am in x-cel and have been doing gym for about 3 years and have had my back walkover for that long although the hop is a...
  10. G

    Help With Back walkover

    Hi, I really can't seem to be able to kickover after I go into a back arch from standing.:confused: Does anyone have any tips to try to kick over? I know it might seem very simple but it really isn't for me! Thank you:) :D
  11. stargazer

    sudden back walkover fear

    Hey everyone! In the last couple of weeks I've developed a fear of doing back walkovers on high beam, for no reason at all. They've always made me a bit nervous, but I do them every practice and it hasn't been a problem until now. It seems to have started when I began training round-off back...
  12. G

    Head placement in Back Walkover and Handstand?

    Hi! I just have a quick question about head placement. Back Walkover: As soon as I bend backwards my head goes back and I look for the floor, should you head really be so your arms cover your ears and your head is neutral the whole way? Also for a handstand...well in general, should you...
  13. G

    Back walkover on beam?!

    Hey! So every Friday we have open workout so we get to work on whatever we need/want too. I usually work one routine and then some leaps and cartwheels on beam. Yesterday, I started doing back walkover on a floor beam. I landed them everytime. But I don't know how to keep my hands together? I...
  14. 3

    Back Walkover Back Handspring on Beam (connection)

    I am a level 8 gymnast. I am having trouble connecting back walkover into a back handspring. I can do it on the low beam without a problem, but when I go to the high beam, I force my self to swing my arms before I do the back handspring, so it isn't a connection. I am scared to do it on the...
  15. GymDuck

    Back Walkover Connection on Beam?

    So I have been having lots of trouble on my bwo connection. I can make the first one easily, but as soon as I try to go for the next one, I freeze! My coach says to just keep moving my hands back, but this doesn't seem to help. I can connect them perfectly on the floor. Any tips? :confused:
  16. M

    Problem with Back Walkover on Beam

    My daughter is experiencing a mental block on beam while doing her back walkover. She has been falling on just about every one, and has not even been able to get one foot on. It seems that her hips are not square and no matter how hard she tries, she just can't seem to land them. Any tips are...
  17. M

    Back Walkover Problem

    My daughter is experiencing a mental block on beam while doing her back walkover. She has been falling on just about every one, and has not even been able to get one foot on. It seems that her hips are not square and no matter how hard she tries, she just can't seem to land them. Any tips are...
  18. G

    Standing Back Walkover Help (the kind on one leg)

    HELP!!! DD has had her standing backbend into back walkover for over a year now. Her class just started working on doing it on one leg and she is STRUGGLING- she can only do it with a heavy spot. Any exercises she can do to help her build whatever muscles she is lacking to make this possible...
  19. lovemylifex4

    Parents Little brag ~ Rylee (4y/o) Back Walkover

    I have a super happy girl here today and just had to share her exciting news ;) Rylee decided (today) that she would like to learn how to do a back walkover. After 3 'spots' she did it by herself (and she was yelling, "I DID IT!! I GOT IT!!!"... haha... love it when that happens)...
  20. dkgymnast

    Back walkover on beam

    I've had my back walkover on beam for 2 years now and I usually always land it except lately as soon as my hands hit the beam I already know I'm not going to land it because I'm not even in close to being in line with the beam anymore... what am I doing wrong ?