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  1. G

    WAG tips on Backhandspring

    I recently have had a mental block on a bhs (back hand spring) I used to do it on a low beam with mats under it in March, but after Spring break I can back and just couldn't do it on a floor beam. I am a level 7 gymnast and need it for beam next year. Do you have any tips on how to get over it...
  2. E

    For Parents Struggling with a Round Off Backhandspring Back Tuck

    Hi, My daughter is struggling with connecting her round off backhandspring back tuck. She can do her round off triple backhandspring and a round off back tuck beautifully. Are there any tips or tricks?
  3. 1

    WAG Handstand backhandspring on beam

    How can I improve my handstand backhandspring for beam? I have a pretty solid backhandspring on beam. In my handstand backhandspring on floor I go back instead of up and I come down kinda hard on my hands. Usually, my hands don't make it on the line.
  4. T

    Crooked standing backhandspring HELP!?!!

    I need help pls ASAP my cheer tryouts are in 2 weeks and my standing backhandspring is crooked like I’m not even looking at one side or anything and my legs are bent to it never was like this like a month ago but it just started pls help me and I’m getting so mad at myself bc I keep trying to go...
  5. G

    WAG Back Walkover Backhandspring on beam

    I'm in level 7 and can't quite seem to connect my back walkover back handspring, I was wondering if anyone can help me overcome my fear of this skill?
  6. G

    having trouble with my standing backhandspring

    my round off back handspring is just fine on the grass but when i try to do a standing i have frog legs bent arms and i tried doing so much drills and techniques but they never work. can any one help?
  7. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Roundoff and backhandspring development

    Here's a clinic I did at Woodward on backhandspring and roundoff development. Hope y'all find it useful!
  8. Mommyo2az

    WAG Beam backhandspring vent

    Just need to vent - so I don't discuss it with DD! DD is training level 7 this summer after OK level 6 season. She did BWO on beam in 6, but must have backhandspring for 7. She has been puttering along with this skill for almost a year now. She can do it low beam and stick 90%, and can do...
  9. Delia4

    Help!!! Backhandspring step outs

    Please help! I have a very hard time doing backhandspring step outs. I jump pretty hard(although I am not the most powerful). I have been told that my legs bend at first (I guess to separate faster?). I can kind of feel it, but don't know how to fix it. No matter how hard I try to split my legs...
  10. C

    WAG Backhandspring Floor Troubles

    I have recently learned my round off back handspring, I can also do this as a series. However I am having difficulties with keeping my arms straight. My coach says it's because I need to push from my shoulders not arms/elbows, but I don't know how to do this! I find it especially hard on dead...
  11. T

    WAG Round off backhandspring help

    I have had fear issues with backhandsprings when I was younger. I have recently just started doing gym again as an adult. I seem to be able to standing backhandspring fine, and I can round off backhandspring into the pit with level mats fine. But as soon as I take the mat away I pull out as I...
  12. Goldmedalgirl

    Backhandspring help!

    Every time I do my backhandspring I either jump back bend my arms and hit my head, or my arms stay locked and I land on my knees! Does anyone have any suggestions for conditioning or other ways to fix this problem?
  13. F

    WAG New Vault - Only Round-Off Backhandspring

    Looking through the Code The Pointage, I found some new interesting vaults I have never heard before! 1. Round-off, flic-flac on – repulsion off SV: 2.60P 2. Round-off, flic-flac with 1⁄2 turn (180°) on – Handspring fwd off...
  14. Ariekannairb

    For Parents Backhandspring progress

    My daughter basically was allowed at our previous gym to teach herself her BHS. When I finally learned enough about gymnastics to know this was not a good thing and for various other reasons we changed gyms. This gym is working on fixing her BHS. It could be the most painfully slow thing I have...
  15. C

    For Coaches Crooked backhandspring

    Any ideas for fixing a crooked backhandspring on beam ... leans to left swinging into it and turning over.
  16. ivyagogo

    WAG Help me fix this roundoff backhandspring

    I can see that the problem starts with her hurdle. She lands her roundoff in a deep squat. She bends her legs and her arms in the back handspring. She undercuts. Basically everything is wrong with it. She is very flexible and has a gorgeous front and back walkover. This is a real problem...
  17. coach1234

    WAG Backhandspring on beam level 6

    Are you allowed to backhandspring on beam at level 6?
  18. ivyagogo

    WAG Roundoff Backhandspring fear

    You might remember that I posted a few months ago about a girl I'm doing private lessons with. She is a cheerleader and wants to get her roundoff backhandspring. We fixed her roundoff which was crooked, we got her jumping and now she does a beautiful roundoff backhandspring...when I spot her...
  19. gymnast-mac

    WAG Backhandspring on beam-realistic goal?

    I've been working on my backhandspring on beam, and I want to get it on the high beam by the end of the summer. I have been using panel mats on the side of a low beam and I can get my hands on almost every time, but I have trouble getting my feet on (and staying on). We practice much less in the...
  20. Ari97

    WAG Roundoff backhandspring help

    My problem is whenever i try to do a roundoff backhandspring I do a roundoff, take two jumps and do a backhandspring for some reason I can't only take one jump. Anyone have any tips?? And when i'm on the tumbletrack i can never do a straight roundoff. Any tips for that?