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  1. livelifetumble8dx

    WAG backhandspring help? video? whaat am I doing wrong? I'm doing it up onto a mat bc I was hoping it will help my block. on the second one my hand slipped off so haha. thanks so much guys!
  2. C

    Coaches Connected backhandsprings/roundoff backhandspring for the older, apprehensive athlete

    I'm stuck on this one. I've got an athlete who has a fantastic standing backhandspring, and a workable roundoff, and a good snapdown. She is absolutely. terrified. to do a snapdown backhandspring or a roundoff backhandspring. Her exact words are "I feel like I am going to die". She had a...
  3. B

    WAG Help with backhandspring

    My 7 year old daughter will compete this winter for the first time as a level 4. She has been training for about 9 months. She has had her round off backhandspring for many months, but is still bending her legs a bit on the bankhandspring. Her coach insists on no practice (no robhs) outside...
  4. twinklytoes9468

    WAG backhandspring

    Hi Please could somebody explain what shape we should be aiming for during the second flight of the BHS ie snapping down from hands back onto feet.I have only done a basic coaching course and I think they said to tell gymnasts to think of chest snapping up as much as legs snapping down and keep...
  5. G

    I've done my backhandspring for the past three days, but now I can't do it?!

    I've had it for the past year, but a cheerleader tripped me up when I did it so I was scared to do it by myself. Well I went to a gymnastics camp and got it back, with no spot. I've been doing it for three days now. Yesterday, (the camp ended yesterday) and I messed up on it. So I came home and...
  6. d0nut_l0ver

    Serious Backhandspring Troubles!

    I had my backhandspring last summer because I was the only one who signed up for the summer class. So, I basically got private lessons. But now, I can't get it. We do backhandsprings every day, but I can't do them! I'm not scared. But every time, everything goes wrong. My legs split wide open...
  7. M

    backhandspring.....legs ....

    Hi there, I have to ask for advice. My gym girls can all do round off, backhandspring, back tuck. They look really nice and they get really high scores on floor...Well, EXCEPT that one girl ...I really don't know what to do anymore.. She was injured last year and couldn't do gymnastics from...
  8. kalgymcoach

    Problem with Roundoff Backhandspring

    Just wondering if anybody has any ideas or drills that help me with the following problem. One of my gg's seems to be twisting in the middle of her backhandspring! her roundoff is straight, going into the flip is straight, and then twisting hips in the air which brings her down crooked. I have...
  9. M

    Mennicelli or Backhandspring step out ...

    Hy there, I was wondering what the US name for a mennicelli is. Is it a bh step out ??? And if so, WHEN does a gymnasts "step out" ? I have heard so many different versions that I have to admit I am confused... Thanks...:confused:
  10. S

    roundoff backhandspring back tuck

    ok, so im a third year level 5 and have faced many injuries over the years i have just got back to doing everything and am trying to move up to level 6. my tumbling isnt the strongest but i need to get my back tuck any suggestions to help me get my back tuck sooner?
  11. R


    I have alot of girls that are working on there standing backhand spring and alot of them sit way to low before there Backhandspring is there any good drills to help???
  12. G

    Backhandspring HELP!

    Ok, so I can get my back handspring on the tumble track. But on the floor I keep falling, and falling. How can I make my arms and wrist stronger, and what are some drills I can do at home so I can be able to do my backhandspring for gymnastics? Thanks :))
  13. livelifetumble8dx

    round off backhandspring?

    so recently my coachs realized im not getting both of my shoulders back during my ro bhs, so ones a little forward, while the others further back during the BHS part of the ROBHS. i also do this during my regular bhs. my coaches can't seem to find a solution. they just tell me to throw both my...
  14. V

    WAG Backhandspring stepout

    So on beam I'm working on a backhandspring stepout but i can never do them. Why? Well I don't have elbow problems but they seem to collapse in or out when ever i do standing backhandsprings. This dosn't happen when i do round-off backhandsprings though. In a standing backhandspring do you make...
  15. M

    BacKhandspring on beam

    According to my daughter, her coach spots backhandspring on beam differently depending on the gymnast. Hence, the backhandspring performed by the gymnasts in her gym differs slghtly. The first half is uniform, jumping backward etc. The last segment and/or coming out of a backhandspring is...
  16. Tumblequeensmom

    Backhandspring hand placement on Beam

    I thought I posted this earlier, so if it's a duplicate, just ignore! What is the "correct" way to teach this skill? I was just wondering because I've seen girls perform it with one hand over the other, and others place their hands side by side. It seems to me that the girls who have one hand...
  17. D

    fear of round off backhandspring

    I been in gymnastics for a couple of months now and I just stated level 4 . And for my floor routine I need to do a round off backhandspring and I can do it with a spotter , And the spotters barely touch me . But when I do it by myself I do my round off and then I stop , And then i do my...
  18. G

    One arm backhandspring connection on beam (level 9)

    HELP! JUDGES! COACHES!One arm backhandspring connection on beam (level 9) Where are the arms suppose to be when connecting a one arm backhandspring to a split jump? After the one arm backhandspring are the arms suppose to finish up then swing around for the jump or do the finish down to go for...
  19. A

    Where do arms go after roundoff and backhandspring??

    I am a coach for beginner level 4s and they are currently learning back handspring. When i was a gymnast ever coach I had told me to land with my arms by my ears after both round-off and back handspring. A new coach comes in and says that they must land with their arms in front of them. Now all...
  20. G

    One Arm Backhandspring on Beam

    Im going to be level 9 this up coming season and planning on connecting split jump one arm backhandspring, I have been having trouble with getting my one arm centered on the beam when adding in the split jump. I have no problem just doing the one arm backhandspring by itself but connecting it is...