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  1. G

    Backhandspring fears

    Well about 2 months ago i severly broke 2 fingers doing a simple round-off bhs. after about 3 weeks i was back in the gym. 2 weeks ago we started standing bhs and round-off bhs. I have never had very solid standing bhs with a swing it was better without (i was going to start bhs on beam right...
  2. E

    Parents Round off backhandspring

    Ellie did her round off backhandspring by herself. :) YouTube - May 12, 2011 6:01 PM
  3. B

    how do i make my backhandspring better?

    so i was out for a couple of months because of an injury to my arm but after physical therrapy and such, im doing gymnastics again :) but i have realized that my backhandsprings are not very good right now. last year i could do a tuck, and if i did double, i could do a huge rebound. now i can...
  4. M

    Backhandspring Layout Step Out

    Bahh, I need help. I just can't get it. Does anyone have any tips.. or steps.. Idc, anything will improve it!!! Thank You :)
  5. S

    backhandspring on beam help!

    Hi everyone! So everyday i dread gymnastics for one reason, beam. I love every other event but beam. I'm a level 7/8 and have had a backhandspring for about a year and a half.. but they are still very inconsistant and each one is always scary. I'm not getting less afraid of them even though i...
  6. M

    Backhandspring on beam

    My daughter recently moved up to level 7. She has been having trouble with her backhandspring on beam. She consistantly gets her hands and front foot on the beam, but her back foot goes off to the side on just about every one. How does she get her back foot on the beam?
  7. L

    Hand position for backhandspring?

    Yesterday after practice my daughter said that the coaches were asking the girls to do their ROBH and BH with their hands turned in slightly (for the the RO part and the BH part). My daughter is finding this difficult since she never really did them that way before. She just moved up from...
  8. L

    Arm pain from backhandspring?

    Yesterday I while doing a backhandspring, I jammed one of my arms into the floor, and it started hurting. It was fine, though; I just iced it and I tried to go on bars, our next rotation, but as soon as I hit the extended part of my glide kip, it hurt like crazy, so my coach told me to stretch...
  9. M

    RBHBT, round puff backhandspring back tuck.

    Hi everyone! Hehehe! Well does anyone have any tips for round off back handspring back tuck? Ya, like the backtuck part is creepy to me, LOL! So I'm fine when I have spotting but it's still a little bit scary. Any help is great thanx!
  10. kateybee . (:

    backhandspring ?

    uhm hey . well im working on my backhandspring . ive been doing gymnastics for about 4 months & we started working on them about a month ago. My coach told me that i can do one but i just dont "lock" my arms.. can anyone give me some advice?
  11. All Chalked Up

    Got my roundoff backhandspring!!!

    So last night at gym my coach dislocated her arm and she wanted us to try roundoff back handspring. (Roundoff on the cheese/wedge back handspring on crash mat). I had never even done a backhandspring without the hill (though my coaches thought I was ready to try) and I got it the first time I...
  12. Monkeygirlsmom

    Parents She almost has her Backhandspring!!!!

    Man on Thursday she showed me how close she is! She sort of did one! Not great but it is def a step closer. and she did it herself not even with a spot.!!!! oh and younger dd got her ariel as well!! what a great night!! and on top of it another girl got her BHS and 3 other girls in the...
  13. F

    backhandspring on beam :0

    hi. i need help on my back-handspring on beam. mostly on pushing off the beam i always seem to leave my hands on the beam. anything that can help that and how do i get my feet on the beam. any tips or drills i can do? i would like a drill i could do at home. thats so much.
  14. gymbaby12

    backhandspring help!!!!!!

    :)I'm competing soon and i need help on my ROBHS. my legs are always \bent and seperated. what can i do to fix this. its really annoying me and i want to get this fixed before my meet. thanks!
  15. G

    How to do a Roundoff Backhandspring?

    How do u do a roundoff backhandspring? Without hurting yourself? When i go for my roundoff, on floor, i hurt my elbow last time, because i didnt stretch tall to go in the BH. lots of pressure to elbow, my legs are bent, and i am trying to throw my BH. OUCH! any tips???? or drills? Already know...
  16. N

    Backhandspring Tips

    Can anyone give me some tips on doing a backhandspring? I can get them down an incline, and on a tumbling track with spot. Thnx.:floor:
  17. G

    backhandspring trouble:(

    hey! im working on level 7 skills on beam and im having alot of trouble with my back handspring on the high beam. i can do the ine on resi beam, but when i get to high beam, im really scared. i know as soon as i do one ill be good but its DOING it thats the problem. any suggestions?:confused:
  18. G

    Backhandspring on beam troubles

    I started learning my backhandspring for beam recently and I am hoping to get it for competition this next year but I am having some problems. My main problem is that instead of jumping back into the handspring I am jumping up too much and therefore undercutting it. I have been working it mostly...
  19. K

    Coaches BackHandSpring hand position?

    On backhandsprings, should the hands be facing inward (fingers pointing together) or backward? I heard from another coach that it's better for them to point inward to prevent elbow hyperextensions -- is that true? The only time I've ever had my hands pointed inward was on a...
  20. G

    can you have a backhandspring, back layout series in a level 8 USAG beam routine?

    just curious... is a backhandspring back layout series allowed? (lvl 8 beam)