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  1. GymnasticsVAMom

    For Parents Connection on Bars

    DD is struggling to connect the timing for her bars rountine. She pauses between each skill. She said you have to almost think about what your doing before you do it. Which as fast as girls go on bars I am sure to some level you do have to. I told her maybe visualize the routine before...
  2. coach1234

    WAG Level 8 Bars dismount

    If a gymnasts competes the routine below, are they allowed to compete this dismount (attached) instead of a flyaway? Kip Cast H/S 1/2 turn kip squat on kip cast H/S toe circle to h/s giant x 2
  3. T

    For Parents Bruise from bars

    My very thin daughter has a reoccurring bruise from kipping and casting and hitting her hip/pelvis area on the bar. It's currently very painful. It will get a little better with a few days off but then come back again. Any ideas on how to prevent or protect this area or help it heal quickly?
  4. G

    WAG Level 5 vs Level 6 bars

    Can you do the level 5 bar routine with a cast to 45 above horizontal for level 6? I feel like it fulfills all the requirements..? (This is hypothetical, I'm not in that level yet, just curious)
  5. L

    WAG Catching a bail/overshoot on bars

    Hey everyone! My competition season is quickly approaching and I have almost all of my skills, except I can't seem to get the hang of a bail by myself. I have been doing them for a long time with spot and by myself with extra mats. But I have a hard time doing it by myself on the real bar, my...
  6. G

    WAG Wide arms on bars

    I watched a video of myself doing a level 4 bar routine, and I noticed I have really wide arms on almost every skill. They are wider than my shoulders. Is this normal? Will it cause problems in the future?
  7. A

    WAG Uneven bars installation help?

    Hello! we are moving locations for our gym and it was a rushed ordeal. One thing that is holding us back is figuring out how to install our AAI uneven bars set into a basketball court style floor. it seems to be wood with potential concrete underneath. I have no clue how to go about this- any...
  8. G

    WAG Level 6 bars question

    Hello! I'm a little confused about the new requirements for level 6 bars. Do the gymnasts have to have a cast to handstand, or do they just have to get above horizontal? Is there a deduction or lowered start value for failing to hit a handstand? Thanks!
  9. C

    For Coaches Gripping on bars using grips

    Hi all, I recently got my first pair of grips. They are shaped to my hand and fit well. I was wondering how you properly grip the bar with them. Every time I do any type of swing, they loose their shape and get rumpled in my hand. Do you have any tips for getting over this problem? Thanks in...
  10. C

    For Parents Always ripping on bars

    Hey all! So DD is training Platinum and bars is her weakest event. She has a clear hip and is working connecting the kip to it (but shes lacking power). Anyway, she rips every. Single. Time. She does bars. I am not even exaggerating. I don't know what to do. She wants to train them and she...
  11. P

    WAG Xcel Gold Bars Circles

    DD has really clean FHC, and can pull off several in a row. For Xcel gold, the coach is training them all in two connected circles, which I know is technically not required, but is something our gym requires for gold. The two options the kids have been given so far are FHC cast BHC, which DD...
  12. gymnasticsinmyblood

    WAG How do I use uneven bars without hurting my rips?

    my coach tried taping over them and I wore my grips as well, Nope still hurt like I didn't even have the tape on! my coach tried liquid bandage but it came off!! What should I do to help it be less painful for me to use uneven bars?
  13. GymnasticsVAMom

    For Parents Bars dismount

    My DD said her coaches indicated that her squat on on bars would be her dismount moving forward. I know the straddle was a dismount but I didn’t know the squat on was as well. The only time I’ve seen a squat in is when the gymnast jumps to the high bar or when they are just practicing their...
  14. S

    For Coaches Bars mental block

    Hi everyone! I have a level 7 gymnast who had a beautiful bar routine all year. She did the most basic routine, with a clearhip to giant to layout all year. She now is having a mental block and cannot connect any of the skills, only does them separately, and can’t flyaway unless it’s out of a...
  15. Tjr28

    WAG At home uneven bars

    Hi. My daughters (ages 10 & 8) would like uneven bars or at least 1 bar that can be lower or higher at home. We have a pretty nice home made one but it is just a metal bar and is not the best on the kids hands and legs. When looking online most seem small and not heavy duty and since the girls...
  16. SlimsPickin

    WAG How to measure bars?

    How do you correctly measure uneven bars? Is it the height of the bar to the floor or to the top of the mat? And how do you measure distance? Parallel to the floor? Or at an angle from low bar to high bar?
  17. gymjunkie

    For Coaches How to correct head on bars double lay DM landing?

    Has anyone ever had a kid whip their head on a double lay dismount landing, so that it looks like whiplash as they hit the ground? Gymnast says it doesn't hurt, but it doesn't look healthy to me. She does the "tight arch" style of flipping.
  18. Anonymous Post

    Anon Straps on bars

    This is how my daughter (10, level 5) came home today after practicing giants strapped onto the bar. Is this normal in the gymnastics world? It seems horrible.
  19. H

    For Parents Giants on P Bars

    How long did it take your son to learn the giant on p bar? My son seems really reluctant learn that skill.
  20. G

    For Parents Mental block on bars - Level 6

    My daughter is level 6 and recently had some kind of incident on bars where she was practicing her giants to flyaways. Now she is scared to do her flyaway dismount in her routine. Last meet her coach had her scratch on bars. I'm trying to figure out the best course of action for the next meet...