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  1. coach1234

    WAG Beam series

    In L7 beam if a gymnast does HS x BHS as their series does it matter if its a split HS or legs together also does the handstand have to be held for a certain amount of time?
  2. N

    For Parents Beam issues

    Hey I’m new here and new to gym! My daughter has got into the development team at gym. She started gym 6 months ago when she was 5 (she’s 6 this month). She is brilliant at floor and vault but really poor on beam and is average at bars. She struggles with bars due to lacking upper body strength...
  3. Anonymous Post

    Anon Level 6/7 Beam Mount Scoring

    Wondering if a more "complicated" beam mount offers anything of value to a score at levels 6/7. The TOPS/HOPES/elite coach at her gym asked to do her beam choreography (yep, that was kid literally has no chance of being moved to that group, nor would we agree to it, so it was not...
  4. N

    WAG L7 beam question

    Hi, wondering if someone can help me understand. If a L7 gymnast is supposed to do a HS BHS (connected) on beam to satisfy the requirement, what would be the deduction if the gymnast doesn’t do the BHS? 0.5 for no connection and 0.3 for no B skill? Is that it? What’s the deduction for just not...
  5. coach1234

    WAG Beam Mount Value

    Please can some some tell me what this mount is worth in the JO (DP) code and would you be allowed to compete it in level 8?
  6. G

    WAG BWO vs BHS on beam

    Hi! I'm currently a level 4. (Very late). For level 5 beam, I was wondering if you could learn a BHS without learning a BWO since I had a back injury and BWOs hurt a lot. FYI, I did train back walkovers about 9ish months ago. I wouldnt want to compete BWOs since they hurt my back a lot, so is it...
  7. N

    WAG Backward element - beam - NZ step 7

    Hi all, I have a 14 year old and she is really struggling to be able to do a backwards walk over. What are the alternative options for the backward element for step 7 in NZ on the beam? She can do a tick tock but we are not sure if that is counted as a backwards element.
  8. G

    WAG Ideas for beam mounts

    Hi all, i have a level 2 and a level 3 team that will be starting their competition season in 2 months. At the moment they all just have very simple basic mounts for beam, which for the level 2s is fine, but i was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for some more unique and impressive...
  9. G

    For Coaches Level 8/9/10 beam coaching

    My daughter just moved to a new gym for over one year now. I am not gymnastics coach and don’t know how specifically beam coach help optional gymnasts. We have a beam coach . We observed for over one year. We only see the coach just watching the gymnasts , not providing any instructions. I am...
  10. ProudMomOfAlani

    For Parents Beam

    How hard/easy was is it for you to learn a back tuck dismount on beam? Any tips or pointers?
  11. Wellington_Wimpy

    For Parents buying folding balance beam for practice at home

    I bought a folding balance beam for my 7 year old granddaughter so she could practice at home. (see item But IMHO, it seems too squishy. Is there any benefit to her to use it? I am considering just using dimensional lumber and covering that with...
  12. N

    For Parents Beam bhs requirement for Xcel Platinum

    Hi there. My daughter is an Xcel Gold gymnast (14 yrs old) who is looking to move up to platinum this season. She has almost every requirement she needs except a front salto pass on floor. However, one of her coaches is requiring that the current XG girls have a bhs on beam to move up to...
  13. S

    For Coaches XCel Beam Routine Composition Questions + Dance Skills

    Hey XCel coaches, I’ve coached XCel for a couple years as an assistant coach but now I’m the head coach. I’m learning the rules the best I can, but there’s been some things on my mind that I didn’t immediately find answered in the CoP that I was hoping to get guidance on. 1. Can a gymnast turn...
  14. G

    WAG Bhs step outs on beam

    I'm working in my bhs stepout on beam, when in the gym with the coach standing there, not even touching me at all, I can do it just fine. But at home with mats stacked up beside the beam to make it even I can't seem to do it. I know it is all I'm my head but I'm not sure how to fix that. Any...
  15. F

    WAG Level 10 beam mount downgraded

    My daughters beam mount just got downgraded from a D to a C... In the grand scheme of things, how does that effect her start value for beam?
  16. L

    WAG Unusual beam connections

    Hello! This season I am going to do an aerial Bhs connection on beam! I know this connection is not very common unlike the BHS loso, which seems to be a very popular connection. Some of my teammates are doing front aerial BHS. So this just got me curious, what are some cool/unique connections...
  17. D

    WAG Need value of level 10 leap combination on beam

    If anyone can help me with this, I would appreciate it. I need the bonus value of a switch leap, split jump, split full vs a tourjete half, beat jump, split full. Which one would give more bonus? My daughter thinks it would be the latter, because it’s an E,A,E vs a C, C, E. Anyone?
  18. M

    WAG Xcel Platinum Beam

    Hi all! I was wondering if a handstand handstand on beam would be considered a valid connection on beam!
  19. R

    For Parents BHS BHS on beam tips

    DD is working on her BHS BHS on beam and it's the first skill in a long time where she's really hitting a wall of fear. It's not a mental block at this point, but she's really anxious about getting the skill for next season. There is no room for a different beam series at her gym, so she's going...
  20. L

    WAG Level 10 Beam series?

    My daughter has done bhs layout stepout for the past few years as her series. She has some issues with her hip joint. The series is pretty painful, so in order to pull it off, she isn't using the best technique. Her back knee is very bent on the layout stepout because of the way she is...