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  1. XcelMom08

    Parents Beam Queen Bootcamp

    Has anyone been to this bootcamp? I inquired when I first heard about it but the instructor that got back with me from BQBC said you had to be doing competitive gymnastics. It is pretty pricey. I am not sure if it’s worth looking more into since she just was accepted to Team and won’t...
  2. C

    Parents Tips on L6 beam and vault routines

    Hi folks! My daughter just had her first L6 comp this year and is looking for ways to improve her beam and vault routines. I would love to get advice from you on where she could have less deductions. I can see a few small things, but I am not experienced enough to give her detailed feedback...
  3. R

    WAG Would this be considered a xcel gold or platinum beam routine?

    My daughter is wondering what level (xcel) routine this would be: tuck jump without hands mount full turn cartwheel, cartwheel split jump, 3/4 turn jump back walkover barani dismount TIA!
  4. C

    WAG Pike Jump on beam

    Is a pike jump a B in level 8?
  5. G

    WAG BHS Beam Arm Swing

    My daughter is working on her BHS on beam and she is able to do it well if she swings her arms. However, one of the coaches is now insisting that she learns it without leaning her chest forward and with zero arm swing (arms stay locked at the earns like a BWO). Is this an unusual approach? It...
  6. PeanutsMom

    Parents BQBC (Beam Queen Boot Camp)

    Hi! Has anyone attended Beam Queen Boot Camp? Is it worth the time and price? My DD is a level 7 and beam is her hardest event. She struggles in pretty much every meet. Also, she is recovering from a back injury so pointers on other series that would count for level 8 or XCEL diamond would be...
  7. gymnastics<3

    WAG xcel silver beam struggle

    I am an Xcel silver gymnast and recently I’ve been struggling. I feel like I am progressing slower than most of my teammates. Skills that I used to be closer than them to getting they now have an I seem to be getting less close. Overall I feel like I’m getting worse at all my skills and I...
  8. G

    WAG Level 8 beam

    Can you do 5 "B" skills and just 3 "A" skills instead of 4 A's and 4 B's? Also do you know the deduction if you don't have 4 A's and 4 B's? Thanks!
  9. G

    Parents Level 8 Beam Question

    My daughter is a new level 8 this year and I am still trying to understand the requirements and deductions for beam. Her routine : full turn BHS-BHS Sissone Back tuck split jump connected to a tuck jump w/ a 3/4 turn front tuck dismount. She has had a mental block with the round-off part of...
  10. G

    WAG beam level 10

    if a level 10 misses their connection on their ACRO series on beam what is the deduction, or what would their start value be, if they met all other requirements. Is it a .5 deduction like a fall, or is it more than 5 tenths?
  11. MuggleMom

    Parents Level 8 Beam Start Value

    Beam this year has been an emotional journey for DD. So....She is pivoting from bhs bhs for now just to do something to maybe get a routine together before the end of the season so she can qualify to regionals. She will score low 9s on vault and floor and 9.3-9.5 on bars so she really just needs...
  12. gymnast0812

    WAG Level 10 Beam Question

    I’m a level 10 and am wondering about beam start values. Currently I’m doing a bhs-bt series, side aerial, back tuck, switch leap + straddle 1/4, straddle 3/4, and a layout gainer 1/1 dismount. My coaches took out one connection to avoid deductions but I’m curious about my SV now. Also, what is...
  13. JBS

    NCAA How to do a beam routine the right way! (Lexy Ramler)

    This is now going to be my go-to video to show my athlete's how to do beam... SMILE! Watch how much she smiles.
  14. endochalkrulzthewrld

    WAG Better beam coaching techniques

    Hi all, just wanted some advice on gym stuff and figured this was the best place to get it. My gym has been seemingly on decline for the past few years, and has only accelerated because of COVID. We've lost a lot of our coaching staff and this is showing at our meets, especially on beam. At my...
  15. G

    WAG Beam Nerves

    ok so I am having this huge issue with beam and competitions. I have always been one to never really get nervous or turn the nerves into adrenaline on every event other than beam. I’ve always been a bit nervous on beam but last comp season my nerves got so bad and have followed me through to...
  16. helllllooooooooo

    WAG beam starting value

    What is the starting value for this Xcel gold beam routine?: bw split jump, beat jump Full turn Front tuck dismount I have some little dance poses too.
  17. MuggleMom

    Parents Easiest level 8 routines beam and floor

    So my kid was doing great then had some allergy issues that have limited practice and stunted progress (two months of missed or short practice) going into the season. What are some easy skills that can get her a 10 value or close on beam and floor (bars and vault are good). Beam- has standing...
  18. 1

    WAG Handstand backhandspring on beam

    How can I improve my handstand backhandspring for beam? I have a pretty solid backhandspring on beam. In my handstand backhandspring on floor I go back instead of up and I come down kinda hard on my hands. Usually, my hands don't make it on the line.
  19. helllllooooooooo

    WAG beam skills

    Which is easier on beam: back walkover or cartwheel?
  20. GymRays

    Coaches USAIGC Bronze beam and copper 1/2 floor

    I'm new to USAIGC. In Copper 1&2 on floor I see a SR that says Handstand Element -stretched position (min 1 sec hold). What skills would this include aside from just a handstand? Or is it meant to be just a handstand or handstand roll? Also for Bronze and Diamond beam it says isolated split...