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  1. munchkin3

    WAG Turn series on beam

    hello everybody! My DD has been playing around with some turn series.....she was confused on the direction of the second she begins with the good leg full turn, and then steps immediately into the bad leg turn, which naturally feels like she should turn in the opposite direction. Is...
  2. R

    WAG L7 beam series

    All the posts about stress fractures in girls' backs, confirm my desire to keep my daughter from doing back walkovers on the beam. As she moves to level 7 and needs a series, what are options that don't include a back walkover? She's currently competing back handspring at level 5.
  3. Splat

    WAG Platinum Beam

    I with support from my coaches have change my series of cartwheel BWO to BHS. We just had our second meet and upon receiving a low score my coach was told I'm missing an A element. My routine consist of a mount, switch leap, full turn, split jump tuck jump, back handspring, back gainer. Is it...
  4. L

    WAG Level 7 beam question

    Does a level 7 beam routine need to have a forward acro move or can they be all backwards (back walkovers, back handsprings, etc?) Thank you for any input!
  5. kayjaybe

    WAG L8 beam question

    What is the penalty for not having a side element in your beam routine? Yesterday dd did double BHS, her turns & leaps, and then a front pike dismount off the end of the beam. She used to do a roundoff BHS or BLO dismount. Her score seemed low for the performance and then I realized she didn’t...
  6. merritt

    WAG Beam BWO harder than BHS?

    Can anyone explain to me why a BWO on beam is harder than a BHS on beam? My D says that this is just a fact and she doesn’t understand why it doesn’t make sense to me. To me, a BHS seems harder because they’re completely leaving the beam. Is the relative difficulty something that varies from...
  7. S

    WAG L5 beam - fall and scoring question

    Asking for a friend, since she is not on here and I am not sure. If a kid falls off beam on the BWO without touching any part of a foot to the beam, and then gets back on the beam and resumes the routine with whatever comes after the BWO, does the kid get a deduction for the fall plus a...
  8. N

    Parents Backwards roll beam value

    Is that an A or B
  9. paige076

    Bars & Beam

    I need a bit of advice for a few skills... First is my kip. It’s pretty consistent but I always seem to bend my arms a little and slightly hunch over the bar. How can I fix this? Second is my back walkover on beam. This is sort of a 50/50 skill for me. It’s either perfect or I don’t make it at...
  10. B

    Coaches Level 8 Beam Series

    I have an athlete who is struggling with her handspring handspring connection, but can pull off back tuck into back hand and 2 fluid back tucks. What actually qualifies as a series of these, if any? Looking for constructive feedback!
  11. B

    WAG Level 8 Beam Series

    I have an athlete who is struggling with her handspring handspring connection, but can pull off back tuck into back hand and 2 fluid back tucks. What actually qualifies as a series of these, if any? Looking for constructive feedback!
  12. spider_monkey

    WAG Level 6 Beam

    I'm a little confused about the actual requirements for level 6 beam. I've found the USAG requirements list: 1. One acro element from Group 5, 6 or 7 (Must start & finish on beam) 2.One leap/jump requiring 180° cross or side split (Isolated or in a series) 3.Min. of 360° turn on one foot...
  13. LilAdultTumbler

    WAG Xcel Bronze Beam - Adult

    Long time no chat CB! I've been busy with work and out of the country! After I returned I realized my teammates signed me up for a meet (xcel Bronze) in January. As an out of shape 31 year old I'm worried I won't have all the skills clean in a month. For beam it states "One non-flight acro...
  14. T

    WAG BHS on beam

    Hi all! I'm wondering when, if ever, the fear of a bhs on beam will abate for my DD. She has the skill, and it looks pretty good according to her coach, but she HATES it. She's never frozen on the skill, unlike her fly away which had her hands glued to the bars for months, and she's never...
  15. N

    Parents Beam routine need clarification

    Coach wants to eliminate the bhs and do 2 jump splits Yay or nay
  16. M

    WAG BHS stick vs BHS step out on beam

    My daughter who is competing level 7 this year is competing a BHS BHS on beam. She learned her BHS on beam doing a stick and thats whats more comfortable for her. She did BWO BHS with the BHS landing on two feet. She made the choice this summer to do a step out BHS to stick series. She's one of...
  17. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG Forward roll on beam

    For the forward roll on beam: arms completely straight (like on floor), completely bent or somewhere in between?
  18. N

    Parents Missing beam elements

    Critique card states Start value 9.1 missing SR and 1B and 1A
  19. Q

    WAG A Beam Dismounts

    I'm an adult gymnast who's going to be competing NAIGC level 6 this year--it's my first time ever competing in any sport, let alone gymnastics. The program at my gym is very self-guided and self-coached, which includes coming up with routine compositions. I've been scouring YouTube on beam...
  20. T

    Parents L3 Beam timing

    I have a few questions about Level 3 beam timing. 1. Does your routine have to be done in 55 seconds or 1 minute? I recall seeing both numbers and I'm confused now. 2. Does it start when gymnasts place their hands on the beam and does it stop when they land on the mat or when they release their...