blind change

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  1. uniqueRN

    MAG The dreaded "blind change"

    So my DS is getting ready for Nationals. Everything is looking really good. The thorn in his side is this blind change with straight, kept together legs. I'm not looking for coaching advise but how hard is this? He says it's not as easy as it looks and I believe him. He's been working on...
  2. cbifoja

    WAG What is a blind?

    Coach called me earlier this week to let me know that DD was doing really well lately....really cleaning up form on beam and fixing some errors that have been persistent for several months. She is outpacing her teammates on bars so to keep her moving forward, the coach said they had starting...
  3. M

    Spotting blind changes

    I've been watching my daughter practice and/or trying to get her blind change. I've never seen her being spotted and she has confirmed she rarely gets spotted. I've watched my 10 yo. daughter painstakingly swing up to a handstand to perform a blind change all by herself and fall short of doing...