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  1. Daisy

    For Parents Mental blocks

    My daugter broke her arm on the trampoline recently, and she wants to go back to gymnastics, but she has a mental block. How would she get rid of it? She really wants to go back
  2. B

    For Coaches Mental blocks

    My 17 year old daughter is a L9 gymnast and she missed about a week of practice right before her first meet of the season because she had Covid. Since then she has not been able to do any of her big skills any more! She is devastated and comes home crying every night that she can't do her skills...
  3. D

    For Parents Mental blocks

    My level 7 competitive gymnast is having a lot of trouble right now with mental blocks. She is on her 2nd year of level 7 and most of the skills she can do in her sleep but all the sudden she is now afraid to do back handspring back layout on floor without a spot. She will have a wonderful beam...
  4. K

    habit blocks, body mastery, air awareness - help!

    A problem that I often have is being unable to fight certain unconscious habits. I'm not talking about flailing my arms when I bounce (though I do that too). I'm talking about things like physical blocks: e.g., being able to do either front fulls or rudis, but never both on the same day...
  5. CVGAgymnast

    WAG Mental Blocks

    I am 14 currently level 7 (for the third time) working towards level 8. In early November I had three level 8 routines but developed blocks. Lately I have been struggling with a beam acro series. I have always had bad mental blocks in the past but almost always on back tumbling on floor. In the...
  6. marsi.k

    WAG Mental Blocks

    I have started learning a toe front dismount on bars. I want to flip so bad and my coach says I could and it would look good, but my brain won't let me flip and it is really annoying. Any advice on how to get over this mental block?
  7. DTAG

    MAG Mental blocks

    Hello. I have a question or perhaps yall just can share your experience and wisdom. My son is an 8yr old lvl 5, skipped 4.1. He's been doing gymnastics for about a year and a half now. Generally speaking he picks up skills quickly. Pardon me if I get any names wrong, but, he has got his muscle...
  8. G

    WAG Good LONG video talk about mental blocks, fears, anxiety etc

    I just came across this video that actually made my day. It's good stuff, mostly things that I already knew and that are repeatedly mentioned on this forum too, but you can never think about these issues too much. I want to be the coach that has the tools to help an athlete to overcome all these...
  9. B

    For Parents Apps for fears and mental blocks?

    I was wondering if my level 5 could try some type of meditation app that might exist to help with fears and mental blocks. She is hesitating and "refusing to do" backwards skills particularly on beam. Not out of defiance, just out of fear. No injury just scared. She tends to generally lack self...
  10. L

    Mental Blocks

    My daughter is a high level tumbler who had an injury a few months back. Now that she's healed she still has a little of the phantom pain. In addition, because she's been away for a little while, she's tentative or scared to go back to doing whips and doubles and so forth. She has hit a real...
  11. trampolinemom

    For Parents Mental blocks success stories?

    DS (11) is in elite trampolining and suffering from mental blocks for nearly a year now. Meanwhile he did manage to be successful in competition the year through strangely enough. In fact it was his best year ever, he almost won every competition he entered. We had weeks where he couldn't do a...
  12. N

    For Parents Mental blocks balking

    Ok my friends daughter in November had a bad meet where she fell on her back tuck on floor and bars. Then was out because of hairline fracture on ankle. She is at a loss and I feel bad I can't give advice. Any words of wisdom you guys can give. Thanks
  13. Texasmomof3

    For Parents Update on mental blocks

    I posted in the summer about my dd developing a mental block on vault. (That level 8 vault is apparently terrifying for some kids). I pointed her to doc Ali but otherwise resisted even talking about it. Then the fear spread to beam. I told her to not worry about it and it would come back...
  14. Texasmomof3

    For Parents Doc Ali/Fears and Blocks

    (Note: I could not find any results on search, but I know this has been discussed at length. Please feel free to tag me in the correct post if anyone has it.) My daughter is 14 years old, currently training level 8. She has never had a mental block before, but she is typically one of the...
  15. N

    Mental blocks Any advice????

    Hi everyone- I am new to Chalk Bucket and saw this as a great way to find advice. I am a passionate gymnast that really takes it seriously and wants perfection. About 6 months ago...I was doing giant layouts fine. Then one Saturday practice, I fit my toes on the bar so I went up and did it again...
  16. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Another thread about blocks

    I'm not really asking a question here- more like venting. My YDD is 13 and L7 on trampoline, and she's having a seriously rough time. She started out losing a single skill (back tuck to stomach) that she used to think was amazingly fun, and it's slowly spread. Yesterday she couldn't even make...
  17. J

    mental blocks...

    I really struggle with vault. It is the scariest thing to me even though im not advanced at vault. At practice we were practicing with the older levels and so they put the vault setting higher and the board farther away from what im used to. becasue of this, i got nervous a lot and freaked out...
  18. G

    WAG Mental blocks

    My daughter is a 10 year old level 7. She had a gym switch this year due to gym being sold. She was doing great until about a month ago. First she stopped vaulting, then stopped doing BWO-BHS series on beam, then she stopped doing front tumbling on floor and now won't do any type of flyaway. It...
  19. B

    For Parents Need Advice- How to responde to DD on Mental Blocks, Frustration, etc

    HI all-- Need some real advice (or someone to smack me upside the head)...long story made short as possible... DD has always had mental blocks and always struggled to do skills. However, she has always pulled through and gotten the skills eventually, and last year instead of being stressed out...
  20. GymMomK

    For Parents Blocks... When to move on?

    Long story short- -dd was 10 yo level 9, developed a block on bhs bhs on beam. -Went back to 8 the next year and new blocks surfaced, Giants, fulls, and flipping vault with continued bhs bhs block. Competed a tough 8 year. -Injured following the tough 8 season. -moved gyms due to gym bit...