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  1. Pogo -- Beating Mental Blocks

    Another good article from Gymnastics Mental Blocks -- How Can I Get Rid of a Gymnastics Mental Block?
  2. Gymgrl111

    Mental Blocks???

    I am pretty sure I am having a mental block with my back tumbling!!! I have always been iffy-iffy with it, but now its competition season and i can't afford to have I was wondering if any of you{gymnasts} have overcomed a mental block....{or you have kids that have etc..} and what you...
  3. D


    does anyone know where you can buy the blocks that contortionists and acro people use?
  4. C

    For Coaches What is your policy on tumbling blocks?

    Does your gym have a standard on what to do with girls who are mental blocking? I often wonder if anyone really has a handle on what to do when a child won't throw their tumbling.
  5. P

    For Coaches Mental Blocks

    Help please! I have a 15 yr old tumbler that has only been tumbling for 2 school seasons. She actually just finished her second season last week. She's so naturally gifted w/the sport which is soooo exciting....just so determined & such a hard worker. Last season she managed to get her standing...
  6. N

    mental blocks :(

    How do you all deal with mental blocks? I was fine with back tumbling, but for some reason when it comes to punch fronts...i'm like really scared to go for it. Yeah, I know I'm gunna fall and stuff at first but for some reason I had no problem with back tumbling but frontwards brings out my...
  7. gym monkeys mom

    MENTAL BLOCKS In Skills forum

    Gymomma I am answering this here because I can't post in the coaches forum. There are some really good posts about giants and mental blocks. My DD went through the same thing this summer. Look up some of the previous posts about this. We got some really good advice. Also a web site with some...
  8. G

    For Coaches Mental blocks/not doing skill

    My daughter keeps getting mental blocks. Once she overcomes one, she will develop another. She will just one day not go for a skill or two. Right now it is her back tumbling and giants. She just recently got her giants, but bars is (normally) her strongest event. It is almost like she is...
  9. gym monkeys mom

    Mental Blocks How Common & How to Help

    So I am curious how many gymnasts and coaches out there deal with mental blocks on various events. I am also wondering how you deal with it? Lastly does it seem to crop up mostly in teen girls? My DD's struggle as you all know is bars mainly giants. I told her today when she finally gets it...
  10. S

    For Coaches Mental Blocks

    Does anyone have suggestions on helping a gymnast get through a mental block? I have a 12 year old training level 9. As the season approached she started balking at her events. She has had no serious injuries so whe know its not that. We cant figure out where this came from and how to get...
  11. M

    For Parents Mental Blocks

    Anyone have dds that are going through them or have gone through them?? We have had our share already of mental blocks and we are only in level 4. She will get a skill like her squat on the lower bar to jump to the high bar and lose it for a while and then get it back... Her most recent...