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  1. H

    For Parents Booster Club Advice

    #1: Does anyone have experience having a competitive athlete on your gymnastics team that is also a paid employee of the gym? Is a 501c3, non-profit booster club still allowed to give them the financial benefits of the booster club (meet fees, travel expenses, etc) and remain IRS compliant...
  2. G

    For Parents Booster club question

    Please move if this is in the wrong forum . . . Let me start by saying that our gym and booster club are new, and we obviously don't have all the kinks works out. But it was set up with the help of a lawyer so we are good there. Last year, our booster club raised money to offset the cost of...
  3. N

    For Parents Booster Club and who it "covers"

    My gym has USAG and IGC. those with booster clubs, does yours cover both circuits?
  4. C

    WAG Non-profit booster club concerns

    My partner feels that my daughter's booster club is not operating in compliance with 501c3 guidelines/rules. Some areas of concern that my partner mentioned to me include: -Parents are required to join the club or their children are not allowed to practice with the team. -Parents are required...
  5. S

    For Parents Booster Club Question

    Hello, I just became the president of our Gymnatics booster club. Through this forum a member and I have concerns on how our fundraising procedures run. 1. I am wondering how people make it work to benefit all gymnasts. Our gym has competitive optionals, compulsory and excel. The meet, coaches...
  6. JoyAvenueMom

    For Parents Pros and Cons of a Booster Club

    Some parents at our gym are interested in starting a booster club. I will be attending an initial meeting to explore our options sometime next week. The biggest purpose for the club is to set up a more effective fundraising vehicle to offset costs for travel and coaches fees. (especially fees...
  7. R

    For Parents Booster Club Question - scholarships or grants

    Hi all. Just getting my feet wet with serving as Treasurer for our booster club which is a 501c3. As part of the club with collect the meet fees for the year as well as do several fundraising events per year. For those out there with experience in these, do your booster clubs provide...
  8. B

    WAG Booster Club

    Does your booster club get compensated in some way for all the tome they spend volunteering?
  9. TagMomof3

    For Parents Booster Club Issues

    We have just began our second year as a booster club and it has been nothing but a headache. I have never been part of an organization that has parents who go so far out of their way to make other parents miserable. Our president has worked really hard and we have had very little help or support...
  10. B

    For Parents Booster Club questions

    Hi, I've read through some of the past threads and I know it's a touchy subject but I have some questions about DD's booster club which is a 501c3, hoping someone can shed some light for me ... 1. Can the gym require all team parents to join the booster club? 2. Can the booster club require...
  11. G

    For Parents Booster club/gym drama advice needed

    Hey all! It's been a long time since I've been on here! So the gym my DD attends was a start up gym about 4 years ago in our little town. We have been with it since the day it opened. It's the only gym in town and we were very excited when the owner opened it up. My DD was among the original...
  12. B

    For Parents Booster Club

    Does anyone have information about 501 C (3). Is the application the same as the one used to get the tax exempt. Filing fee, How does it work in conjunction with raising money for the team activities (Xmas party, banquet etc.)
  13. M

    WAG USA Gymnastics Webinar (12/3/14)- Operating an IRS-Compliant Gymnastics Booster Club

    I know there has been a lot of talk about Booster Clubs lately so I thought I would pass this information along from the USA Gymnastics website. The Webinar is 1 hour long and below is the description along with the link to register if you are interested. ATTENTION MEMBER CLUBS! Booster...
  14. S

    WAG Booster club/sponsorship questions

    What is the best way to get sponsorships for equipment. Our gym is going usag this coming up season and we need new equipment and we are trying to raise money for it. But we recently leArned that if a company donated money to the gyms booster club it can't be used to buy equipment. Only to help...
  15. S

    WAG Booster club question

    Our booster's established a "championship fund" for L9/L10 easterns and nationals. A percentage of all fundraising goes into this fund. Do your gyms do this? If so what does it cover (i.e. meet fees, coaches fees and expenses, travel expenses for gymnast)? Do you have a max? Just curious...
  16. cbifoja

    For Parents Another Booster Club Question (well, three of them really)

    For non-prof BCs under the American tax code...... 1. Can a family be required to join the BC? 2. Can first year families be required to participate in the BC while being required to pay for the benefits that the BC is paying for all other families? 3. Is it legal for a BC to exclude first...
  17. M

    For Parents booster club fees--what is the norm?

    So I was just informed that the hefty booster club fee I will be paying next year (several hundred dollars on up, depending on level) does NOT cover meet entry fees or coaches' meet fees and travel expenses, as I had believed. These are charged separately, as are uniform expenses. I cannot get...
  18. cbifoja

    For Parents When the booster club buys your leotard

    Who does the leo "belong" to? Should it be returned if you are leaving in the middle of the "leo cycle" to be passed on to another girl? We are trying to figure out the best way to proceed. Our booster club is small and because we hosted a meet last season, we were able for the first time...
  19. txgal

    WAG Booster Club Question

    Hi guys. I have a booster club question I'm hoping someone on here can answer. In light of the new court ruling pertaining to booster clubs, how does your gym/booster club handle parents who refuse to participate? Our gym requires parents to work at least 1 session of each meet we host...
  20. JBS

    WAG How Much Does Your Booster Club Make By Running Meets?

    How much money typically goes directly to your booster club from hosted meets each year? Do not count any money that the club takes...just the booster club or parent organization.