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  1. D

    WAG Another Booster Question: Families with multiple gymnast

    We are a newish booster club. Today at our meeting some parents questioned why parents with multiple children get equal funds as other families when they only pay a single membership fee. I was wondering how other clubs handle this. do you a) Charge membership per family and still spit funds...
  2. SPX

    MAG how common are mandatory booster clubs?

    I've vaguely known for a while that our gym has a parent booster club. I just found out that if a gymnast is on team, the gymnast's family is automatically a member of the booster club and required to pay an annual fee and a number of assessments that cover meet fees and coach travel and...
  3. S

    WAG Booster club/sponsorship questions

    What is the best way to get sponsorships for equipment. Our gym is going usag this coming up season and we need new equipment and we are trying to raise money for it. But we recently leArned that if a company donated money to the gyms booster club it can't be used to buy equipment. Only to help...
  4. S

    WAG Booster club question

    Our booster's established a "championship fund" for L9/L10 easterns and nationals. A percentage of all fundraising goes into this fund. Do your gyms do this? If so what does it cover (i.e. meet fees, coaches fees and expenses, travel expenses for gymnast)? Do you have a max? Just curious...
  5. cbifoja

    Parents Another Booster Club Question (well, three of them really)

    For non-prof BCs under the American tax code...... 1. Can a family be required to join the BC? 2. Can first year families be required to participate in the BC while being required to pay for the benefits that the BC is paying for all other families? 3. Is it legal for a BC to exclude first...
  6. M

    Parents booster club fees--what is the norm?

    So I was just informed that the hefty booster club fee I will be paying next year (several hundred dollars on up, depending on level) does NOT cover meet entry fees or coaches' meet fees and travel expenses, as I had believed. These are charged separately, as are uniform expenses. I cannot get...
  7. cbifoja

    Parents When the booster club buys your leotard

    Who does the leo "belong" to? Should it be returned if you are leaving in the middle of the "leo cycle" to be passed on to another girl? We are trying to figure out the best way to proceed. Our booster club is small and because we hosted a meet last season, we were able for the first time...
  8. txgal

    WAG Booster Club Question

    Hi guys. I have a booster club question I'm hoping someone on here can answer. In light of the new court ruling pertaining to booster clubs, how does your gym/booster club handle parents who refuse to participate? Our gym requires parents to work at least 1 session of each meet we host...
  9. JBS

    WAG How Much Does Your Booster Club Make By Running Meets?

    How much money typically goes directly to your booster club from hosted meets each year? Do not count any money that the club takes...just the booster club or parent organization.
  10. JBS

    WAG Everyone Pays Same Amount - Booster Fees

    Here is a excerpt from the Twistar's Gymnastics Handbook...anyone at a club that operates like this? What do you think of it?
  11. T

    WAG how do you start a booster club?

  12. JBS

    Ads Showing in iOS App for Booster Club Members???

    If you have the ChalkBucket Mobile App installed on your iPhone (iPad or iPod) and you are a member of the Booster Club... Are you seeing ads right now? If you are...close the app down and reopen it and see if you are seeing ads? If you still are...go to "people" in the app and log out...then...
  13. OwlGalLiz

    MAG Booster club separate?

    We are at a fairly new gym. They have a girls booster club and it has come up that we ought to have a boys one as well. We have about 40 boys team members. Someone suggested we contact the girls booster club and figure out how to split costs etc. We are more inclined to think that the boys...
  14. M

    WAG Pros & Cons of a Booster Club

    From what I have read a booster club is similar to a PTA/PTO and run similar. With all the IRS guidelines it seems like a no brainer to have a booster club, especially non-profit. We are at a new gym and previously the owner/head coach had a bad experience with a Booster Club (keep in mind it...
  15. M

    Parents Starting a Booster Club

    We just moved to a new gym and I offered to start a Booster Club. I need some guidance on where to start as well as by-laws and such. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  16. R

    Parents What does your booster club do

    It seems our booster club is having some growing pain. As a new team mom I would love to have some ideas from all of you on what your booster club does, What responsibilities is has, what it pays for, and what fun things it does for the girls or fundraising.
  17. PalmTree

    Coaches Do I have to have a Booster Club?

    I am not an actual owner of my gym (it is owned by a company that is not involved, weird situation) but I am paid to be the head coach, the manager of the gym, and the owner in all my duties. We have a Booster Club. I hate it. They are parents who gossip about the gym and don't do any...
  18. pinklemonadeliz

    Parents Booster Club Question

    How many of you have booster clubs or parent associations where the gym appoints a portion of the board members?? I have been told this is very common, but as I see it - if the parent group is a non-profit and a for-profit (the gym or it's coaches) appoint board members, those board members...
  19. E

    Parents Booster Club...

    After reading a ton online regarding 501(c)3 boosters, I would like change the way my booster is currently doing business a little. Currently, like so many other boosters, we have a volunteer requirement or a buyout. The forced volunteerism, besides being wrong for a 501, creates a black cloud...
  20. S

    Parents Meet schedule/fees/booster club questions. Help!

    Long story short. Gym is VERY new. It's been open only about a year. This year our team is very small. Only 7 girls. We also have a newly formed booster club (6 moms total) who have been fundraising like crazy. We have raised a significant amount of money since September. Next season we will...