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  1. P

    Booster Club questions

    Hello! I'm now starting to get more involved in our booster club and several of us have many questions regarding how things are done but never really get a straight answer. They often say it's "complicated". I'm sure it is though. Some of things we are wondering and hoping someone can point us...
  2. T

    Parents New Booster Club Formation question - HELP!

    We are trying to start a Booster club at our gym to help defray some of the costs of competitive gymnastics. The problem is the owner of the gym wants to add this clause to our by-laws that we are drafting. XYZ GYMNASTICS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DISSOLVE THE "Booster Club" WITH WRITTEN NOTICE...
  3. cbone

    Serving on the Board at your booster club

    I have been approached by a prominent parent at our gym about serving as the booster club treasurer because I work as an accountant. I'm a little hesitant because I'm so new to our gym and I don't know what the job entails. Can any of you who have served on you board throw some advice my way?
  4. thefellowsmom

    Parents Thinking of starting a booster club group

    I have recently taken over as president of our close to non-existent booster club. It is our hope as the new parents taking over to revitalize the group and create a parent community for our gym. We don't manage meet fees and such as some other gyms do but do have plans to raise some funds...
  5. S

    Another Gym Booster club question.

    let me start that our booster club has been a mess for as long that I have been a member of the gym 4years. This year I was sort off voted in to take over as president and I accepted. I really did not now the mess I was getting into. our booster club is non profit and have Individual Fundraising...
  6. gymmama43

    Booster Club Management

    I am very new to this, and I do admit upfront that I'm not sure how the Booster Club stuff is supposed to work. Right before my ds started (over a year ago) there was a huge upset at our gym where numerous parents and gymnasts left the club. Apparently the officers were upset about something...
  7. D

    so sick of booster club!

    ok, so my dd is only 1 of 2 optionals left at gym. So their season is over for them, but my dd's is just begining. The board is made up of one parent whose 2 children are teenage coaches and 1 level 5 and the other board member just had her younger child go to the bigger gym because she did not...
  8. MaryA

    Booster club and meet fees?

    My DD is on a new team which, therefore, has a new booster club, so we're still trying to figure out the logistics of everything. Are your meet fees paid through the booster club or through the gym? Ours are currently paid through the booster club, but it is leaving our treasurer in the...
  9. C

    booster club exemption question

    Hi there as a booster club about to get a 501 (c) (3) status I have a question for those who have some experience with expenses that can and can't be paid for by boosters. Ok I have a few questions. 1 - I'm told we CAN give a small thank you gift to coaches like something valued at about $25...
  10. D

    Parents Booster Club Bullying

    I am looking for some help before an upcoming meeting. So, here is the story! My 6 year old daughter was invited to be on team as a level 3. She loves it, and we have been happy with the coaching, even if it did seem like things have been unorganized. We met last spring with the head coach and...
  11. gymgal

    booster club set ups and NCAA eligibility

    OK, so there is a side discussion popping up in another thread about gym expenses regarding booster clubs and NCAA eligibility. I am now getting a little concerns that our BC may not be set up properly and may cause problems for some girls in the future. Our BC is NOT a non-profit. All money...
  12. pinklemonadeliz

    Parents Parent Association (Booster Club) Question

    I have a couple of questions for those parents who are involved in their gyms Parent Club. I am the president of our club and since my kiddo is a first year L4, I have no idea how this whole thing works. Our parent club was just getting started when I took over so there wasn't really anyone to...
  13. G

    Coaches Booster Club Question/ How do you handle meet profits?

    We host a meet at an outside facility every year. Our booster club gets 80% of the profits and the gym gets 20%. There has been some grumbling that the total should go to the booster club. I am the gym owner so obvoiusly I am not keen on that idea. Parents volunteer to help with the meet and are...
  14. bogwoppit

    Chalkbucket Booster Club - Join today and be a part of the support team! It has been some time since we launched the Chalkbucket Booster Club, and after our huge upgrade and the new features that have been added it is high time you were all given a chance to show your love for the site. By joining the...
  15. C

    Booster Clubs and fundraisers

    Ok our Boosters are looking for a great fundraiser that will take in more than $300 at a time. It's hard to put so much effort into these things to only come away with $300 profit. So what fundraisers have you done that bring in at least $1000. :confused:
  16. gym monkeys mom

    Paying coaches from Booster Club accounts for meets

    Currently our gym pays our coaches for meets. Due to several factors the economy being one of them this is unlikely to occur next season. So here is what I need to know. We currently as a Booster club take care of meet registration and we have 501C3 status our club does not. parents either pay...
  17. C

    Parents Booster Clubs

    Well at the new gym they have a booster club. I went to a booster parent meeting a few weeks ago and they let us know that the Boosters almost disapeared this year because no one was helping. I've never been at a gym with a booster club before so this is all new to me. I don't really want to...
  18. C

    Parents Booster clubs, yay or nay?

    Now that I've gotten back into the groove of things here on CB and since DD just changed gyms, I thought I would ask about booster clubs. Our new gym has a very active booster club and the gym we left, well, it didn't have much parental involvement to say the least. Anyways, does your gym have...
  19. Claire

    Parents Need Booster Club Fundraising Ideas!

    Our gym is new this year. Our booster club is looking for fund-raising ideas. We are thinking of doing a lot of fund-raising now and over the summer before our new competition season in the fall. This way, the kids can have some money in their accounts to help cover competition fees and...
  20. gym monkeys mom

    Question about Booster Clubs

    I have a general question about reminbursements from Booaster club accounts when gymnasts leave the club. If you are a 501C3 which most are. I have been told you may not give fundraised money back but may give back money put in by cash or check. if this is a true statement how does your...