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  1. billise

    Bridge kickover

    DD is 4 (will be 5 next month) and has been doing a bridge kickover on the floor for several weeks now. She does them on her own, and doesn't appear to have any trouble doing them, but several times after she has finished the move, she has looked at me and said it hurt her shoulders. She...
  2. JBS

    OT Trampoline + Bridge = CRAZY!

    Some crazy stuff going on here.
  3. M

    bridge / wrist pain?

    I noticed the other night at dd's practice that she was grabbing /shaking out her wrists after holding herself up in a bridge. Is this normal or is she doing something wrong? Just curious. I don't think she's strong enough yet as she has a hard time holding them for extended periods but...
  4. E

    bridge up to kickover-level 3

    El is having trouble with this skill. I have read lots of different things on here about this. Here is what she can do: great straight handstands-no arch and has pointed toes, cartwheels, round offs, spotted back handsprings, all of the level 3 bars routine-level 1 and 2 also. She is very strong...
  5. fearundercontrol

    help with my bridge walkover

    I can kick over from a bridge if I do it with my feet up on a mat, but if I try to do it from the floor, from the same level my hands are at...well, it just doesn't happen. I don't know if I don't have the strength or what, but I simply can't kick over. Help?
  6. Kiwi

    How to improve shoulder flexibility for bridge?

    My flexibility has never been good, especially back and shoulders. I can get up into a basic bridge okay with straight arms (just). I'm a long way from getting my legs straight or together. I know for bridge you're supposed to use more shoulder and upper back flexibility so there's less...
  7. F

    Level 4 handstand to bridge

    Hello, I'm a level 4 gymnast and I have a question about the handstand bridge in the floor routine. I started to learn the level 4 routines after state last year and have been following videos. My coach is now telling me that in my handstand bridge that it is just a tap with your feet then...
  8. KillerKyah

    Bridge Kickover

    It seems that I can't get a bridge kickover to save my life. I can do straight leg bridges and normal well, so shoulder flexibility doesn't seem to be the issue. One thing that irks me about it, other than the fact that I can't get even 45 degrees off the ground, is that I do them with my bad...
  9. G

    How do i do a bridge kickover?

    I can't do a bridge kickover and every time i try i end up hurting myself. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks
  10. E

    Parents DD got her bridge kickover

    'Bout time. She stalled on this one for a long time. Then they taught the level 2 floor routine yesterday. She asked me, "Will I be allowed to go to the meets (starting in 8 weeks) if I don't have my kickover?" I purposefully say I am pretty sure not.:liar: So she went at it today and got...
  11. UnoMas

    Parents Guess who got that darn bridge kickover?

    Little DD got it at practice today! The WHOLE team stopped and clapped for her as did all the parents in the waiting room! I'm so proud of her...she's been working L2 team for 6 months now and things are slowly starting to come!! Here is a video of her on my living room...she needed one extra...
  12. I

    bridge kickover

    i have been given a floor routine to compete and it has a bridge kickover in it. does anyone have any drills that i could do at home to help me with it.
  13. E

    how to get a bridge kickover in 6day

    i really need to get my bridge kick over by friday 8th may but i dont know what i need to do every day because i have been workin on doing off different sized mats but this seems very slow i know that it is to do with my flexability to i was planning to get mu mom to pull on my shoulders while...
  14. G

    straddle lever ....leg lifts...bckwrd roll...bridge...kick up around bar ?URGENT

    :)i have a competition on 14 of feb and i have only 2 weeks in gym 2 train (2 classes) i have a small beam at home and a trampoline (14 ft) im having trouble :(with my straddle lever -i just cant seem to get it , my leg lifts on high bar -only get half way up, my bckward roll to front support...
  15. M

    Coaches Bridge kickover issues...

    We need some pointers for getting this skill, on a consistant basis. My DD can get over occasionally, but most of the time, stalls out right before she goes over, then falls flat on her back or back to a bridge. Is it more about ab strength, flexability, or what. She is fine with just the...
  16. maddiekate

    Bridge pain

    When i do bridges, (shoulders over farther than hands) one of my shoulders feels like someone is poking me with hot needles. Also, i think i am pinching a nerve in my back or something, because it feels like i am loosing feeling in my legs. they get soft of tingly like when you cut off the...