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  1. F

    British Championships this weekend!

    We're off to watch the British Championships today and tomorrow! Final olympic trial, all the big names, bit of Liverpool retail therapy - daughter and I very excited!! Plus the new Milano collection is out today and they have a stand there... If this were twitter it would say something like...
  2. G

    WAG British espoirs

    Congratulations to Catherine Lyons- 2012 Espoir champion. It was an amazing competition. Also congratulations to Ellie downie and Amy tinker. GB's future looks bright.
  3. marie83

    British Rythmic Gymnasts WIN their appeal!

    The British Rythmic gymnasts will compete at the olympics! RG appeal - British Gymnastics statement :D
  4. staceyb

    British Nationals

    Will be broadcast live on BGTV on Saturday and Sunday, Becky Downie will be doing some commentary on Facebook and Twitter!/BGMediaTeam
  5. marie83

    WAG British Espoir Championships

    British Gymnastics have put up videos of our Espoir Championships which was held last weekend. Espoirs are elite gymnasts aged 12 and 13 in the year - so some may still be 11 yrs old! I know a lot of the members here are from the USA and Canada and it's always nice to see what other countries...
  6. G

    British gymnasts from around 2003

    Hi everyone. A while back there used to be a video on youtube with 4 floor routines on the same video. Now I can't find it. They were floor routines of 3 british gymnasts - Leanna Clarke, Katie Moffat and Jessa Powell. If anyone has this video or knows where I can find it, pleas post it here...
  7. flippinlolly

    Me at British Champs 09!

    Well I've finally got a youtube account and I've just put up my first video! It's me competing at the British Junior Champs in May this year! I had a fall on bars which lowered my score but I came 5th overall out of all the British Juniors so I'm really happy with that! It's nice to be able to...
  8. I

    British Gymnastics NDP grade routines

    hi does anyone know what the required elements are for the british gymnastics ndp grades for all apparatus? if any british gymnastics have done them what are the routines for grades 14- 4
  9. marie83

    British Championships

    Hi all, This weekend is the British Championships in Guildford. Today saw the AA competition with the Juniors and Seniors (Espoirs already competed) In the junior competition (age 14/15) Nicole Hibbert (Heathrow) took Gold and Danusia Francis (Heathrow) and Lizzie Beddoe (Cardiff) took Joint...
  10. marie83

    British Team Championships

    The British Team Championships are this weekend. It's one of the best competitions of the year to attend as a spectator as all of Britain's top clubs attend, some taking an A and B team. This year it is going to be a close battle between a lot of clubs - Liverpool (Beth Tweddle and Hannah...
  11. I-Heart-Beam

    British Olympic Team?

    Is there are any people here who happen to know what's going on with the GB team for the Olympics? Beth Tweddle will definately be on the team and so will Becky Downie (unless something goes seriously wrong) and I know Daniel Keatings got named to the mens but does anyone know who else is...