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  1. Manauia

    For Parents Level 3 broke her radius and ulna doing double bhs in practice, need advice.

    my 8 year old is a level 3 gymnast and tops. She did her first 3 competitions and did great medaled a ton and was really loving being on team...until the dreaded practice where she broke her forearm doing a double backhand spring. She is will be in cast for 6-8 weeks. She was training 12 hours a...
  2. ALK

    For Parents Broken Forearm Recovery

    My 6yr old, level 3 gymnast broke her arm, complete fracture of the ulna and radius, on Aug 27th. She's still in the cast, but I was wondering if anyone has any insight on post-cast healing time. She's finally old enough to compete level 3 and it was a big disappointment for her that she'll...
  3. Djin Anderson

    For Parents Injuries

    My daughter is 7yo and trainning level 4 (to compete fall 2017). She has struggled doing ROBHS independently and required a spot every time she tumbled. In June her group went to the tumble track and she was confident enough to complete the skill independently 10+ times. On her last turn before...