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  1. A

    WAG Xcel Bronze Floor

    Our Bronze team is struggling on a leap combination. I know they can do step hops, but can those step hops be done in a passe position or does it have the be straight in front at horizontal?
  2. S

    For Parents All splits required for bronze?

    Gym started a small team this year. They weren’t highly competitive and only offer bronze. They had a pre-team, but don’t offer different levels of classes and all classes are drop in whenever so it’s not w same kids or grouped by ability. They’ve informed parents that everyone needs to tryout...
  3. G

    WAG 9 year old Xcel Bronze to Silver skills

    My daughter joined an Xcel bronze team 2 years ago and competed this past year for the first time (did really well). They are wanting to keep in Xcel bronze for a third season due to her not having the skills to move to silver. The specific skills are all flexibility related - bridge kickover...
  4. L

    For Parents 6 year old trying out for xcel bronze or silver

    Hi everyone , I’m new to the forum. Hi there . I have a 6 year old daughter who will be trying out for Xcel bronze or silver . I’m a little confused between all the different groups. TAAF, USAG, and pre team. I’m not sure what to hope for. My daughter loves gymnastics she does private lessons...
  5. T

    For Parents Xcel Bronze Requirements??

    My preteam gymnast is going to an open tryout for Xcel bronze at a different gym then she currently attends. This tryout consists of her attending the 3 hr Xcel bronze class and I am full of anxiety! She loves gymnastics, she has most of the Xcel skills if I'm not mistaken (except for backhip...
  6. T

    For Parents Xcel bronze to JO? What level?

    If your daughter did a season of Xcel bronze and then switched to JO what level did she go to? My daughter can do all the level 3 skills except for a front hip circle and round off backhandspring. She hasn't tried those skills yet. I have her going to a gym to be evaluated this week and I was...
  7. GymRays

    For Coaches USAIGC Bronze beam and copper 1/2 floor

    I'm new to USAIGC. In Copper 1&2 on floor I see a SR that says Handstand Element -stretched position (min 1 sec hold). What skills would this include aside from just a handstand? Or is it meant to be just a handstand or handstand roll? Also for Bronze and Diamond beam it says isolated split...
  8. T

    For Parents Didn't make Bronze, so frustrated

    My 7 yr old started preteam in Aug. This was after she fell off beam and broke her elbow in May, developing a huge fear of falling. She wouldn't get on the high beam without a panic attack. I know I have parent goggles on, but she's done SO MUCH this year. Shes really been working on her form...
  9. J

    For Parents 6 yo Xcel Bronze Questions

    Hi my daughter just started on the Xcel Bronze team and she’s 6 years old. When I expressed interest to the Coaches that my daughter wanted to be on the preteam I really only inquired about the Xcel team. I did some reading and research on here and given that my daughter is 6 and still likes to...
  10. GymMomLupe

    For Parents Xcel Bronze to Gold

    My daughter was an Xcel Bronze last year and she was winning all her competitions. This year her coach told us that she could skip Sliver and go straight to Gold since she meets all the requirements, but Gold has more training hours (the normal training hours plus one extra day with the other...
  11. katelyn..gymnast


    so i got into bronze and i want to know what level it would be in usaigc. people say bronze is only a level 2 but i think that is very low looking at the skills i have. i have a front tuck, round off handspring, squat on, long hand pullover, under swing, sole circle off high bar, cartwheel on...
  12. S

    WAG Artistry Deductions in Bronze?

    I remember that there used to not be artistry deduction in Bronze, but then I heard talk of adding one being added but didn't know if it had ever happened or was just talk.
  13. R

    For Parents Asked to leave Xcel bronze?

    I guess xcel isn't more intense than I thought. My daughter was put on xcel bronze in May and was just asked to leave this week, not for behavior, not for lack of working hard but because they believe she will be lacking the skills needed to compete all 4 events by January. (She can't really do...
  14. K

    For Parents Preteam or bronze?

    My daughter is 5, almost 6 and we tried our a few gyms since we moved. One gym says that they want her to start on their bronze team now. It is 4-5 hours per week. The other gym says they want her to do a fit kids thing until summer is over then go into their “preteam” type program. The fit...
  15. K

    For Parents Bronze invite

    So my daughter is 5, will be 6 end of summer. She was invited to bronze team today. She was being evaluated at new gym since we moved. She was doing a rec class prior. It was my understanding children went to preteam for a little while then went to team? Or is bronze different and similar to...
  16. A

    WAG Dance passage XCEL bronze

    We recently completed our state meet and several of our girls had a 9.0 start value on floor. We were told that their dance series did not meet requirements, which I am sure is the case. Some of our girls competed a chasse’, split leap (leaps met angle requirement), followed by a straight jump...
  17. Kelly99

    WAG Xcel bronze to JO 4?

    Sorry if this has been discussed already. I did a few searches but didn't find our situation or the posts were very old. DD was invited to join JO level 3 last year but chose to do Xcel bronze instead. She has been in gymnastics since she was 2 but really fell in love with it this season. She...
  18. S

    For Parents Xcel Bronze to JO3?

    DD7 might be able to try out for her gym's JO3 team in May; she is now finishing her first season of Xcel Bronze. I'd love to hear from coaches or parents who have seen girls make this transition. What are the biggest hurdles? Bars, I'd guess? Anything she could do at home to improve her...
  19. dearmads

    Xcel bronze age levels

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum. I have a first year Xcel bronze kid. She attended a couple meets recently and was in different divisions in both of them. How are these divisions decided ?
  20. R

    For Coaches Bronze Bars Dismount

    Is the underswing dismount (current level 3 dismount) still acceptable for bronze? Im confused about this based off of what I'm reading in the code of points book and a handout I received at a recent training. Also, if still acceptable, does it have the same value as cast off to stand?