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  1. JBS

    Floor Cartwheel

    Check out our post on cartwheels at the following link... Below is a side cartwheel...
  2. Anonymous Post

    Anon Cartwheel Round-off in L8?

    I’m currently getting my skills for L8. I am working on BHS connections on beam, but idk if they will be ready by my first meet in November. I was wondering if you could compete a cartwheel roundoff, a single back handspring for another B, a full turn, and a switch leap split jump. For my...
  3. M

    WAG Start position of Cartwheel name

    What is the start position of a cartwheel called? This looks different from a Lunge, because I heard Lunge is the ending position.
  4. S

    For Parents Tips for helping 5 year old get a cartwheel

    Hi everyone, my daughter is hoping to be entered for a competition, but will have to demonstrate that she can cartwheel within the next 2 weeks - does anyone have any tips to help a 5 year old get the hang of this? She has something that looks somewhat like a cartwheel, but she jumps both feet...
  5. E

    For Coaches Cartwheel advice

    Hi all, I am after some advice on how to improve my 7 year-old daughter's cartwheel please. I am attaching a video of her doing one in slow motion so you can hopefully give me some pointers on how to help her straighten that first leg coming down please? Is she bending it too soon? Is it even...
  6. M

    WAG Cartwheel: 'hidden' secret muscles

    When I do a cartwheel, I should as gymnast coach taught 1) Squeeze contract the abs 2) push shoulder & straight forearms into ground, making it long and tall What should I do with the legs or feet appropriately? Should I "think about reaching my toes to the ceiling (while pointing them). ...
  7. M

    WAG Cartwheel Official Hand position: T-Hand or 45-45 degrees?

    What is the ideal hand position for a Cartwheel? In Round off , they teach the T-Hand position below. Should I also do same for cartwheel, or use 45/45 degrees hands? What do most professional Level 10 and Olympic Gymnastics do? I am guessing, beginners use 45-45, and professionals use...
  8. M

    WAG Cartwheel: Landing Phase

    I was taking notes for Cartwheel, last landing phase at the end. My gymnastics teach left some quick notes, before vacation. "Rotating hip to front lower ab toe down. Squeeze butt to get chest standing " Can anyone make sense of this? Otherwise I will ask her when she comes back It is for...
  9. M

    WAG Be Tight and Suck in the Abs Core during Cartwheel

    My coach asked me to suck in my abs core when doing cartwheels. Doesn't that lead to a stiff body and feel kind of like robot? In basketball and softball, a relaxed body leads to a quicker/smoother motion rather than being tight. Just trying to understand this concept.
  10. M

    WAG Cartwheel, working on Quarter Turn Drills

    I am working on the Cartwheel. In breaking up into pieces, One thing lagging my cartwheel is able to a T Lever drill, which I have been working on. I could hardly do that balancing, however now my balance has increased greatly over 2 weeks. After that, is the quarter turn. Does anyone have...
  11. M

    WAG When is Hollow Body position used in Cartwheel?

    I am familiar with the Hollow body position. Just curious, when is it used in a cartwheel or handstand? I do those a lot, and don't notice its actual usage in the movement. or is it more of a core-body exercise? Resource...
  12. B

    For Coaches Free (aerial) cartwheel to front support beam mount

    Hi I would like to teach the Free aerial cartwheel to support mount on beam... I was hoping someone would have some drill videos to assist with this please. Thanks in advance.
  13. G

    WAG Is cartwheel back tuck beam A or B

    Hi! Is cartwheel back tuck beam dismount CONNECTED considered an A or B skill? I think separately they are two A's but if you connect does that make the overall dismount a B?
  14. A

    For Parents Cartwheel Question

    My 5-year-old daughter has taken tumbling for a year now. She learned how to do a right-handed cartwheel and a one-handed cartwheel on her right side as well. I just found out that she needs to learn how to do a left-handed cartwheel for a dance audition in the fall (her dance studio is...
  15. K

    MAG Pommel circles and cartwheel leading side

    Hi, Does anyone know why my son’s coach would tell him to lead pommel circles and cartwheels with the same side? Currently he leads cartwheels with his left leg but circles with his right hand. Apparently it has something to do with teaching round back handspring later? Any thoughts please...
  16. K

    Pommel Circles and cartwheel leading hands

    Hi, Does anyone know why my son’s coach would tell him to lead pommel circles and cartwheels with the same side? Currently he leads cartwheels with his left leg but circles with his right hand. Apparently it has something to do with teaching round back handspring later? Any thoughts please...
  17. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG How to spot cartwheels

    I started helping coaching a fun little class together with my teammate and coach. In this class, there are girls age 6-8. The smallest 6yo Has troubles with her cartwheel. She lands it, but if you didn't know it was a cartwheel, you wouldnt think it was. She doesn't really pass through that...
  18. Miss Alyssa

    For Coaches Twisting Cartwheel - help!

    I coach rec classes mostly beginners ages 5 - 12. One student in particular, although i have a few other cases, is having trouble with her cartwheels. Instead of facing toward the way she came at the landing she is twisting her hips out and landing in a squat facing forward. I see the issue...
  19. A

    Cartwheels and Front Limbers

    Hi! I have a few questions about cartwheels and front limbers. Thank you so much for taking your time to read/answer these questions! 1) Is there a trick to keeping your legs straight besides pointing your toes and really practicing a lot? I make sure to lunge forward and practice a lot and try...
  20. twinmomma

    For Parents Dear beam cartwheel

    i hate you. Seriously. My poor DD is so frustrated we have had tears now every beam night for a week. Private tomorrow to hopefully figure out the issue. I think there's some confidence involved. But dammit I'm over that skill.