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  1. skschlag

    MAG 2022 World Championships

    I wish we could have seen them, but Stephen is sitting in 1st in qualifying!! And poor Donnell!!
  2. JBS

    WAG Featured World Gymnastics Championships (Liverpool 2022)

    I figure we should get a little world championship talk going... so here is the thread for it. Official Website...
  3. C

    WAG Injuries at European Championships

    Awful lot of injuries this year at the Europeans...what do you all think of it? It doesn't take much to hurt yourself in gymnastics -- the slightest bit "off" landing or take-off can lead to sprains and tears and broken bones. I feel sorry for the poor athletes who got hurt in a major...
  4. skschlag

    MAG MAG NCAA Championships!

    Men's NCAA Championship starts TODAY!!! You can watch live. There are individual streams for each apparatus. or I think this is a stream of the meet.
  5. JBS

    NCAA Featured Official 2022 NCAA Championships Thread

    Talk about the Championships here! The bracket is attached.
  6. skschlag

    NCAA Men's Conference Championships

    Men's NCAA conference meets are this weekend! B1G is tonight and tomorrow night at 7pm EDT. It is on B1G Network both nights! ECAC is Saturday at 2pm EDT on Virtius MPSF is Saturday at...
  7. Fairylou26

    For Parents British Championships 2022

    The British Championships start today! There are live feeds and videos on YouTube! Enjoy!
  8. T

    WAG 2021 World Championships

    Anyone ready to talk about worlds? Are any of the Olympic team planning to stick around for Worlds? I think Jade should so she can get a chance to do her triple double on floor. Also it doesn't appear we have anyone ready to step up and compete for a vault medal. I was thinking Skye Blakely...
  9. JBS

    MAG 2021 Men's US National Championships Day 2

    Typically ChalkBucket has more of a parent / coach based crowd than the elite fan crowd. If you want to talk about men's championships tonight... check out this thread over at Gymnaverse... should be some good conversation over there once the competition begins...
  10. PeanutsMom

    For Parents Optional State Championships

    Does anyone know how Optional State Championships will work? I know some states still have many restrictions, while others are opened up and running seasons. Does that mean only some states will have championships? Also, does anyone know if qualifications to state have changed? I think my kiddo...
  11. skschlag

    MAG Let's talk Championships

    OK. Day 1 is over..thoughts? Trevor Howard has really come along! was very impressed with him last night. Yul seems to have recovered from his NCAA CHampionship meet and looked solid! It was great to see Donnell out there doing AA! So fun to watch him :) Great to see Eddie back as well...
  12. skschlag

    MAG US Championships

    Anyone going? D and I are going to be there! So excited. Here is the men's list of competitors. Going to be great!
  13. NY Dad

    WAG USAIGC World Championships - Good Luck!!

    As some of you know, USAIGC is one of the less competitive alternatives to JO. The last meet of the season is the “World Championships”, which is next week in Nashville. While it’s not difficult to qualify at my dd’s level, I’m super proud of her for all the hard works she’s put in this season...
  14. coach4life

    WAG NCAA Championships being broadcast?

    Anyone know if they are live streaming/broadcasting the women's NCAA Championships this weekend? Couldn't find anything on the internet but I am no expert in these matters.
  15. M

    WAG Going to NCAA championships

    My DD and I are going to the NCAA championships in Fort Worth this weekend. She is so excited. We plan to get there early for autographs on Saturday. Does anyone have any tips for us. This is our first time at a college meet!
  16. Jard.the.gymnast

    WAG European championships

    The European championships are starting this wensday with men qualifying. Thursday will be womens qualification. Friday is AA for both men and women, with event finals on saturday and sunday! KNGU (the dutch equivalent of USAG) just shared a link to a livestream for qualifications, but im not...
  17. Aero

    WAG JO National Championships proposal.

    Has anyone else had a chance to read this yet? JO National Proposal. I can't decide if I am completely in favor yet, but I like a lot of the ideas presented, and some really good arguments are made. I'm looking forward to the discussion on this one! I think an overhaul would be nice.
  18. ArmyMom

    MAG Region Championships not allowing some to compete

    So my son competes in region 3 and is a 13 year old level 8 and we just found out Region 3 has decided NOT to let older level 8’s & 9’s compete at regional championship Wondering if this is something happening in all regions this year or just in this region
  19. M

    Bug in 2018 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships forum?

    On the main CB page, the most recent post listed for the 2018 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships forum appears to be a link to a page selling dietary supplements. When I click into the forum, the most recently active thread is about leo costs and looks as if it belongs in the WAG forum. Is...
  20. wandrewsjr

    T&T World Championships

    World Championships begin in just a few hours in St. Petersburg. I know I am biased, but Team USA athletes in particular could use your support. Their Tumbling head coach resigned amid investigation by Safesport last week(he was also the personal coach of two of the team athletes). And USOC...