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  1. Anonymous Post

    Anon Info about Hill's Maryland Classic?

    Posting anonymously so it will default to anonymous for replies should any members of Hill's Gymnastics be able to reply! Curious when the exact schedule for this will be released or if anyone has the inside scoop on the final schedule. We have gotten a tentative schedule from our gym saying...
  2. JBS

    WAG Featured Leanne Wong #1 At US Classic

    If you missed the US Classic this weekend here are Leanne Wong's winning all-around routines... For results and more info on the US Classic check out the following link...
  3. 3

    For Parents British Classic Challenge and voluntary levels

    Hi, I’m looking for some information on the classic challenge cup vs the voluntary levels. My gymnasts are turning 11 and 9 and planning to compete bronze and either copper or zinc. The head coach mentioned that he may enter some girls in levels rather than the classic challenge. All the girls...
  4. Jenny

    WAG UK catch up after the British, Classic Challenge, Challenge Qualifier and New Levels

    Catch up on everyone's thoughts after the recent national competitions and regional levels. What do we all think? Did BG pitch the levels right? What do we think will change next year? Did clubs in your area pitch their gymnasts correctly? What would you like to see change next year?
  5. JBS

    WAG 2021 US Classic Discussion

    For those of you that are interested in talking about all the major elite competitions... is for you. This is ChalkBucket's sister site. The topic for session 2 of the senior competition is already taking off. You can join in the conversation at the following link...
  6. N

    For Parents Cancun Classic 2020

    Is anyone attending the Cancun Classic 2020?
  7. Ali'sMom

    WAG American classic -live stream?

    Forgive me if somebody already posted this… I am strictly on my phone and having trouble navigating. Does anyone know if the American classic juniors will be livestreamed anywhere tomorrow?
  8. F

    WAG Good luck to all competing at the classic!

    Just want to wish good luck to all the gymnasts competing this week in salt lake city!! All sessions will be live streamed on YouTube. HOPES sessions are on Friday, juniors and seniors on Saturday.
  9. F

    WAG American Classic location..

    American Classic location has finally been announced....salt lake city again!!!!
  10. gymgal

    WAG Manhattan Classic questions

    dd is competing there next week and we have extended family traveling to see her. One member has some mobility and vision issues and she is questioning whether she should go. Our two concerns are the distance she needs to walk from taxi/uber drop off to the seating areas in the venue. And then...
  11. V

    WAG Classic Performances and Worlds

    Putting the social media drama aside, it was a great weekend of performances at the GK Classic. I was pretty impressed by Riley and trying to figure how everyone fits in. Top tier seem to be Simone, Ragan, Morgan, Riley, and Jade. There are others as well with one or 2 events, but we are out of...
  12. T

    WAG Drama at US Classic

    Not much actual gymnastics drama with Simone competing - but at least we have Simone dropping this little gem:
  13. bogwoppit

    WAG US classic schedule 2018

    Live coverage starts Friday on the USA gymnastics YouTube channel July 27 GK U.S. Classic - Junior Podium Training - 8am - YouTube GK U.S. Classic - Senior Podium Training - 10am - YouTube GK Hopes Championships - 2:30pm - YouTube July 28 GK U.S. Classic - Junior Competition - 1:30pm - YouTube...
  14. F

    WAG Routine Vids from HOPES Classic Meet

    Finally got around to uploading Lily's routines from the HOPES Classic to her YouTube channel. Still in shock, but it's a good kind of shock!!! Can't believe that the championships are less than 3 weeks away!!!
  15. F

    WAG Lily’s HOPES Classic results...

    lily placed 2nd all around and her teammate placed 3rd! Not bad for a small, unknown and new to the elite world gym!!! Onto Columbus and the HOPES championships!!
  16. G

    WAG Magical Classic

    Our gym is scheduled to attend the Magical Classic in February. Have any of you attended and could share advice, do’s/don’ts or tips on how to find good deals?
  17. F

    WAG American Classic to be held at Huntsville Center in Utah

    It's been a rumor for awhile now but USAG finally made it official today. The American Classic meet will be held at the Huntsville Center in Salt Lake City July 6th and 7th. The HOPES girls compete on Friday evening.
  18. LindyHopper

    WAG Classic Rock this weekend

    Who is gonna be at Classic Rock in Phoenix this weekend? Short Stack goes on Friday morning.
  19. F

    For Parents Chows Winter Classic Level 10 Videos

    Hope it's okay if I share the videos from my daughter's 2nd level 10 meet. She competed at the Chows Winter Classic meet last weekend, she was the youngest level 10 and placed 1st on bars and beam, 3rd on vault and 1st all around. Her first elite qualifier is in 3 weeks. Excited but so, so...
  20. Ali'sMom

    WAG Nastia Liukin Cup vs American Classic & US Classic

    I was checking out the start lists for the US Classic, and I noticed that names that I saw in the Nastia Liukin Cup are not at the US Classic, nor were they at the American Classic. I don't know enough - and obviously less than I thought I did - but why wouldn't those girls from the Nastia cup...