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  1. notthatmom

    WAG 2017 US Classic

    sorry if there is a thread about this already, but is anyone going? I just scored AWESOME suite tickets from work for free, and I'm so excited, as is DD of course, she LOVES Regan!!! I've never been to a meet like this before, how long does it usually take? I can't wait!
  2. J

    WAG US Classic

    If a newly qualified elite competes in the US Classic can she also compete as level 10 in the following season?
  3. Ali'sMom

    WAG HOPES Classic - anyone know about any live scoring?

    We have a gymmie going to the Classic on Friday. I know cell service and wifi is sketchy in the gym, so I won't get much updates from the mom... So if anyone knows anywhere that there might be live scoring that I can stalk, I'd love to know!!!! Thanks!
  4. kitkat

    Parents Presidential Classic

    Our club is looking at this meet this year. I did do a search before I posted on presidential and presidential classic and nothing came up..which I thought was odd... Have you been? Good meet? Which hotel did you stay at? They are saying All Star, Caribbean or Wilderness are choices. Just...
  5. flipsandgrips15

    WAG Manhattan Classic in NYC

    Has anyone here had a gymnast compete in the Manhattan Classic in New York City? I would just like some thoughts & opinions on how you thought the meet was....organized, fun, worth the travel expense? I do not live in that region but am considering the meet for some optional level gymnasts...
  6. bogwoppit

    WAG Cancun Classic info

    Asking for a local coach who is looking to take her girls to a fun meet. L8-L10 girls. Has anyone been with higher levels? Was it worth it in terms of competition level, fun for the team, comp set up etc etc? Any other insight you have is welcome too. Thanks.
  7. 2G1B

    Parents Presidential Classic questions

    Our optionals are going to this meet this year. It looks like it is a Friday - Monday meet. I'm trying to price out hotels and flights for our coaches... I figure I'd have them come in on Thursday; but would rather not pay all of the way through Tuesday if possible. Does anyone know if they...
  8. curlygirls

    WAG WOGA Classic

    Does anyone "in the know" have a good idea of which weekend this meet will be held on in 2017?
  9. M

    WAG Secret Classic Hopes Start List
  10. M

    WAG Secret Classic Jr Women Start List
  11. M

    WAG Secret Classic Sr. Women Start List
  12. Y

    WAG Secret Classic

    Does anyone know if we can watch it on TV? Also, does anyone want to have fun speculating about the results?
  13. bogwoppit

    WAG American Classic full results
  14. Ali'sMom

    WAG HOPES Classic - live scoring anywhere?

    We have two girls competing tomorrow at the HOPES Classic. I was wondering if there is anywhere to get live scores?
  15. IreneKa

    US Secret Classic

    Sorry if this sounds dumb, but can anyone explain the importance of the US Secret Clasic competition in the process of the Olympic team selection, and who would be expected to compete there? DD and I are considering to go, but I don't want her to be disappointed if none of her favorite gymnasts...
  16. vbdb

    WAG Magical Classic

    Our gym is at the Magical Classic this weekend in Florida. It's on BTS as a crowd scored meet but I assume that means I likely won't be able to see our girls reliably, does anyone know where I can see results? Is there another app?
  17. J

    WAG Secret U.S. Classic -- Single Session Tickets?

    Hello. Anyone know if it's possible to buy single-session tickets for the Secret U.S. Classic? All I see online are All-Session tickets starting at $105/ticket. Thanks!
  18. 2G1B

    WAG Magical Classic in Orlando...

    The website has been down for a few days. Does anyone here have inside information (or any hearsay) on what is going on with it??
  19. D

    Parents Smoky Mountain Gymnastics Vacation Classic (tips/feedback)?

    Our gym is having its first out of state meet in Sevierville, TN. Other than some older posts/reviews (2014 and older) I have not found much about it when doing a google search. There was no facebook page for the host or event but I did find their wordpress website and found information. Still...
  20. R

    WAG Secret Classic tix?

    Does anyone have an idea when the Secret Classic tickets go on sale? It's on June 4th and the website for the arena just says that they'll go on sale in 2015. I'm hoping to get tickets for my daughter for her Christmas present this year. Thank you! Oh, and sorry if this is in the wrong...