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  1. Optionals United

    OC Classic

    did any one else here on the chalk bucket compete at the OC Classic???????:)It wast this weekend january 15-18!!:cool::rolleyes::eek:
  2. MdGymMom01

    Dani's Home Meet Report-Winter Wonderland Classic

    Well, we made it through another meet! This was our gym's home meet so we were pretty much living at the gym the last week cleaning, rearranging and preparing for this meet. WOW--I'm exhausted!! Dani had a great meet! Three out of the four event scores went up as well as AA--can't ask for much...
  3. I

    Parents Rock N Roll Classic - Brecksville, Ohio

    I was just curious if anyone on CB was attending the Rock N Roll Classic in Brecksville Ohio Jan 22-24th. Our gym hosts that meet.:):) Sean
  4. Granny Smith

    Parents Dd's L8 Classic for the Cure Meet Video

    As promise, here's the video: YouTube - Classic for the Cure L8 2010.wmv This goes with meet report: Hope you enjoy!
  5. Granny Smith

    Parents Dd's level 8 Classic for the Cure Report

    Dd had a meet this past weekend. It was on Saturday, January 2nd and her report time was 2pm. It was a fairly small meet, there were 12 girls in her age group, which she was in the Level 8 Jr age group and she happened to be the oldest in the group. It took exactly an hour for us to get to...
  6. M

    Parents Wisc Dells Vacation Classic

    Anyone coming to the Dells for this meet at the end of january??
  7. bogwoppit

    Classic online now Sat 9pm

    Media - Universal Sports
  8. G

    US Challenge/Classic

    I know this is a little bit late, but is anyone planning on going to the US Classic/Challenge well now its called the Covergirl Classic and Challenge. Anyways, I'm competing in the Jr. Classic in a couple of hours. Really excited about that :D As far as the big names go Corrie won't be...
  9. T

    2006 Flytz Classic

    Videos from the 2006 Flytz Classic. Includes: Amanda Wellick (IGI) Ariel Martin (IGI) Dominique Pegg (Bluewater) Emily Bigras (Bluewater) Emma Willis (Bluewater) Kayla Williams (Bozhis)
  10. kevchriswilli

    Parents DD 1st Level 7 meet Candy Cane Classic

    Well we had our first level 7 meet this past weekend. First up on bars ... 8.9...pretty good routine... still needs to get hand stands... and get this fell on her giant giant flyaway (just got this last week)....flat on her back....poor kid just got up and 2nd was beam.. still...
  11. M

    Judges Cup AND Thanksgiving Classic

    hi guys is anyone going to judges cup as level 6? or any level??? I am anm i need luck cuz judges cup is ALWAYS hardest for me since it's my first meet..... _____________________________ Oh and anyone going to thanksgiving classic??? ITS AT MY GYM!!!!!!! If you go, look for level 6 wearing a...
  12. Ingymmom

    2008 US Womens Classic - JR's Results

    2008 Women's U.S. Classic Meet Results Women - JR Competition I / II Friday, May 23 GO JORDYN - no surprise, she won by a mile!! Love her!!!:D 2008 Women's U.S. Classic - Meet Results
  13. G

    St. Louis Classic

    Optional Meet L7 L 10 March 7-9 2008
  14. G

    Rose City Classic

    Hailey McGuire
  15. Masters_Gymnast93

    Winter Classic!!!

    My first meet of the season is saturday. I'm a level 7 now, and i'm super excited. If anyone else is competing at the Winter Classic in Gallatin, TN let me know. I'd love to see who's going!
  16. Masters_Gymnast93

    My first meet! Winter Classic

    i'll be competing on the 2nd, and it will be my first meet since last season. It's a late start and one of my only chances to qualify for state. This is my first level 7 meet, also! If anyone else is competing this meet, in Gallatin, TN, let me know!
  17. Kayleigh

    2007 Coed Classic

    My first meet as a level 6! Time: 8 AM (yuck! :p )
  18. J

    oc classic invitational meet results

    so yestewrday i had my third meet it was at team OC here are my scores vault:9.0-4th bars:9.0-3rd beam:9.275-2nd floor:9.025-3rd AA:36.3-1st team results- 2nd woohoo go Pacifoc Coast yayayayayayaya
  19. G

    Gatlinburg Classic

    Ashleigh's second competition at Prep Option 1 level. Competes at 6:30pm. :eek: